Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bottling la barefoot studio

Just hanging out in the office of la barefoot studio. I just love the energy of this place. If you haven't seen them yet, check out the tip clips I did here a few months ago.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bottling Fall Restoration Retreat

Here's a fun Fall Restoration Retreat that Bottling Health is doing with Life's Journey Yoga & Wellness. A weekend full of living food, yoga, relaxation in nature, walking, and journaling.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bottling the Power of Juicing

"Drinking freshly made juices and eating enough whole foods to provide adequate fiber is a sensible approach to a healthful diet. But incorporating juice into your life does so much more. The abundance of live, uncooked foods flushes your body of toxins, leaving you feeling refreshed, energized, and relaxed all at the same time." ~Jay Kordich, The Juiceman's Power of Juicing

I ran into a dear friend today who had seen my juicing Tip Clip on She inquired about a good juicer that she could purchase and mentioned that since the juice is extracted from the fiber when juicing, perhaps it would be a good idea to add Mila to the juice.

While the body definitely needs fiber and I'm a huge fan of Mila, juicing allows the body to immediately get to the business of assimilating nutrients by bypassing the process of digestion. "Ahh," the body must say. "You're fueling me without me having to digest all that food first. Yay!" :-)

Foods with fiber must undergo digestion. Juicing pushes digestion out of the equation. So, with fresh juices, nutrients immediately go where they need to go within the body. This is the reason why juicing is often the emphasis at healing retreats and such, as this process allows the body to, like I said, get right to the business of healing!

To help you better understand the science of why fiber is extracted from the juice during juicing, I'll quote Juicing Expert Jay Kordich, author of "The Juicemans' Power of Juicing" -- which has been my juicing reference book for many years.

Kordich explains:
"When we eat fresh fruits and vegetables, our bodies extract as liquid what they need from the fiber, which passes on to the lower digestive tract. For all intents and purposes, the extracted liquid is juice, containing the same elements as the juice you make in your kitchen with the juicer. By drinking juice, you are eliminating a digestive process -- extracting the liquid from the fiber -- and efficiently supplying the body with nutrients. The juicer separates the juice from the fiber so that what you drink is pulp-free and your body receives the maximum amount of nutrients in minutes."

Since "nutrients lose a lot of value soon after juicing," you get fresher juice by juicing yourself rather than getting juice from the store. Also, what you juice will not be pasteurized, therefore, you'll be consuming liquid bursting with life.

Plus, you won't add any additives or preservatives, right? :-) Of course we need fiber, so one must balance juicing with fiber-rich foods (and the whole food Mila certainly helps with that). That's why juicing and blending (fiber retained) go hand in hand for me!

Kordich says:

"I get my fiber by eating around the juicer. The juice always comes first when I am planning what I will eat."

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bottling Coconuts

See/listen to my coconut adventure at La Barefoot Studio & Market

Ahhh, indulge in the gift of coconut water while drinking it straight from its own natural cup! No glass needed, so there's nothing to wash apart from your cells with all of the vitamins and minerals found in coconut water. It's the perfect beverage for the sports enthusiast and anyone's health because of how loaded coconut water is with vitamins, minerals, calcium, and more!

Follow me along on my coconut adventure as I pierce one of the coconut's three eyes, insert a straw, drink up, and fall into coconut bliss! Want to "put de lime in the coconut?" I demonstrate that, too. After watching me do that, Rubi Jorgensen, a viewer of this tip clip on La Barefoot Studio & Market wrote: I'm "looking forward to having a coconut with some lime!!! Thanks for the great tips.....Keep them coming. Luv ya!"

Once you've pierced the coconut's eye and added lime or not, it's best to drink the beverage immediately, because when air mixes in with the coconut water, the quality of the water soon begins declining. So, for optimum taste and nutrition, don't let your coconut water sit for too long after you've pierced it. If desiring chilled coconut water, chill first and then pierce, drink up, and enjoy! has an extensive list of the benefits of coconut water.

Cheers to Coconuts!

Stay tuned to more adventures that Bottling Health and La Barefoot Studio & Market will be sharing!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Bottling a Poem from Ann Kiyonaga-Razon

Lovingly written and presented to me by Ann Kiyonaga-Razon at Two Suns Rising 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Graduation


brimming with creative synapse
and expression
flowing with the inner inspiration

and filled with the nectar of love for child, husband, family, humanity...

your openness and sweetness
along with your lit-up-from-within

delighted and enthused all present

may your yoga be filled
with your innate ability to uplift
and offer comfort and encouragement
to others

may your yoga be filled
with your ability to
render this ancient and oh-so-contemporary
available to all!..

Ann Kiyonaga-Razon
August 29, 2009

Friday, August 7, 2009

Bottling Beauty, Health and Pleasure

Hello, Wonderful People:

Want to eat for Beauty, Health AND Pleasure? If so, this resource is a must because of its simple step-by-step approach to improving diet at such a comfortable pace. It's......

Eating For Beauty, Health & Pleasure:
A Raw Food Quick-Start Program by Shannon Leone

available for $20 at:
(Review and pictures available there)

No matter what your diet or belief about food, Shannon Leone's book is sure to enhance your journey and lead you to better health! The book will be sent directly to your inbox! How convenient is that!!! :-)

Special offer: For those of you in the Orange Park area, once you purchase the e-book, e-mail me at to let me know and then receive one of my Ladies-only yoga classes for FREE!

In Health & Happy Friday!


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bottling Community Yoga and Living Food Classes at The Goddard School

2280 Village Square Parkway
Fleming Island, FL 32003

Community Classes with Penny Powell begin August 10, 2009

Classes available (but not limited to):

Parent/Child, Home-Schoolers, Young Athletes, Moms-Only,
Let's B-R-E-A-T-H-E and S-T-R-E-T-C-H and

The Goddard School in Fleming Island, Florida, a school where yoga is incorporated into classroom education by the on-staff teachers, has invited me to bring my own community yoga classes to that wonderful learning space.

My line-up of classes to the community, beginning August 10 (the week of The Goddard School's Open House) will include but will not be limited to:

MoM-day/Child-day Yoga -- A Monday Parent/Child Yoga class: Bond and Breathe with your child via a fun yoga class. Help your child create healthy memories that are sure to last a lifetime. Dads are welcome, and parents attend at no additional cost. (This class is inspired by my passion for my role as a mom and the deep purpose parents serve in the lives of children.)

Together Tuesday -- Yoga for Home-Schoolers: Parents, do you know that yoga beautifully complements academic learning? Many yoga postures help balance the left and right side of the brain, not only increasing academic comprehension but also more balanced behavior! *Journaling is a possible activity that can be added to this class. (This class is inspired by that special place in my heart for the home-schooling process, as I am a former home-schooling mom.)

Wednesday Winners -- Yoga for Young Athletes: The deeper-level stretching in yoga highly supports any sport children do and can give them the edge on the court or field. Use yoga to enhance your child's sports journey! Their confidence will carry over to the classroom, too. (This class is inspired by my son's passion for sports and my passion to support him and others in their sporting endeavors.)

Moms-only Thursday -- Yoga for Moms: Perhaps it has been a long, busy week, and now here comes a busy weekend with the family. Why not refresh yourself for 75 minutes to help balance your mind, body, and spirit for the weekend? When Mom is happy, everybody's happy! (This class is inspired by my understanding, finally, that moms really do need to carve out restorative time for themselves to help balance all that they do!)

A, B, C...Come Look For Me! Friday --Yoga for Young Children: In this yoga class inspired by my children's book, A, B, C -- Come Look For Me!, your child will have fun learning or reinforcing their early literacy skills through yoga postures! Story time will always be a part of this class. Yoga & Literacy: a dynamic duo! "A, B, C -- Come Look For Me!" will be available for purchase at these classes. A downloadable version is available here for only $3. (This class is not only inspired by this book, but also by my passion for writing and education...including teaching literacy skills in a fun way.)

Times of classes will be announced soon.

All classes require pre-registration, so please contact to register (with your time preference) or call (904) 962-8398. Class times will be selected based on the needs of the majority!

Current Introductory Rates:
~ $10 per class
~ $35 total for a 4-week series of classes ($5 savings)
~ $50 total for a 6-week series of classes ($10 savings)
Sibling discounts available! Parents attend for free in the Parent/Child class.

Earn Free Classes:
~ Get three people to sign up for a month and receive a FREE month of classes.
~ Get four people to sign up for a month and receive a FREE 6-week package.
~ Get two friends to come onboard for a month of classes and get a half-price deal.

Looking forward to yoga-ing with you, your child and/or you and your child.

Living Food classes (including smoothies, juices, snacks, etc.) will also be available upon request and can be arranged as individual classes and/or combined with yoga classes.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bottling a Terrific Tuesday

Step out of the darkness and into the light by loving the life you live and living the life you love...

I'm claiming a Terrific Tuesday!!! While my son will be in summer bliss of his own at a birthday party for one of his close friends, I'll be basking in Tuesday bliss, too:

(1) Participating in a Skype raw-food coaching call with Ka Sundance from

(2) Getting a holistic health session with Yelena Chizhik

Stay tuned for Pear Magazine Online articles and blog entries here about both! Also in the August issue of Pear Magazine will be details about my Nutri-Energetics System subtle-body energy scan with Orlando-based Fran Edwards.

As Bob Marley says: "Love the life you live, live the life you love." And, I loovvee holistic health with my friends above and others! :-)

As amazing as the human body is, it's no surprise that our bodies were created to be self-healing -- if "fed" the right tools, such as raw food and holistic therapies...

In Health,


Friday, July 24, 2009

Bottling Community Sponsors

Thanks to giving hearts at these generous yoga studios below, I received enough yoga equipment to work with up to 20 youth (at a time) from the Orange Park Gators via recent yoga-related Stretch Clinics. These sponsors below are also listed on the "Our Sponsors" page at

Heartfelt thanks to:

Peaceful Yoga Studio
2301 Park Avenue
Suite 302 (At the Office Pavilion)
Orange Park, FL 32073
Phone: (904) 278-8082

Yoga Ananda: Yoga & Wellness Center
4150 & 4154 Herschel Street
Jacksonville, FL 32210
Phone: (904) 680-7344

lululemon athletica
St. Johns Town Center (Phase #2)
4812 River City Drive
Suite #113
Jacksonville, FL 32246
Phone: (904) 645-7904

M Body Yoga
3807-A Southside Blvd
Jacksonville, FL 32216
Phone: (904) 565-1005

Love & Appreciation to each of you!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bottling Yoga at The Allegro

Note: I had captured some lovely pictures of the yoga students mentioned below. Then, in the process of transferring the pictures from my camera to my computer, something mysterious happened...and I, unfortunately (to the point of tears), lost those pictures. I still am not sure what the bigger life lesson about that "lost" was, but I ended up turning my upset energy into "clearing out" energy (as in releasing more paper, books and such). Then, in the process, I came across this poster (pictured here) hiding behind a treadmill in my home office. This inspirational reading is now hanging on the side of my refrigerator for my son and his friends (and other guests) to see and be inspired by. One line reads: "Enjoy life today, yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come." That line is helping me to not focus so much on what happened yesterday with the lost pictures.

On to yesterday's blog entry I wrote:

It's on my heart to journal about a yoga class I taught on Wednesday to two staff members at The Allegro, a loving and aesthetically-pleasing assisted living facility near my home that offers yoga to its residents and staff.

I typically like to begin the yoga classes I teach with the posture we end in -- Shavasana (relaxation pose). On Wednesday, however, for the staff, we began with a variation of Shavasana --with the heels of the feet resting up on a chair. The minute the students got into that position, their "ooos" and "ahhhs" signaled that the pose felt good to their bodies and any stress accumulated prior to or duing their workday was already beginning to disappear.

After centering ourselves (mentally and physically), I instructed the guys to keep their spines connected to their mats while raising their legs up off the chair (in a tabletop position) to rotate their ankles, and point and flex their feet. I often remind them that the Chinese say that "aging begins in the ankles."......."But, not for us," I tell them, as we twirl our feet, sometimes hearing the pops and cracks work their way out. :-)

At one point, I looked over and saw one of the students, Tom, bicycling his legs, which prompted me to offer that as an option, too. "Remember when we were children and used to bicycle our legs in the air?" I asked. "Ahh, huh!" Tom replied with a clear connection to that memory. That then prompted me to invite the students to really tap into their inner child throughout the practice, making these sorts of child-like adjustments when their bodies prompted them to. "I am here to guide you into the postures," I explained, "but listen to your body when in the poses and adjust according to the needs of YOUR body. Let your inner child come out and play today," I stated.

Now, I don't know if that inner-child notion helped set the tone for a really wonderful, super-special feeling class on Wednesday, but it was indeed an energy in the air that words can't really describe, which seems to have been felt by each of us in the class. Perhaps that's what took the class from one hour to about an hour and a half, and perhaps that's what kept us there for about an extra hour after class, sharing great conversation, relaxed faces, and smiles.

Tom's Breakthrough in Flexibility
After Shavasana toward the end of class, I typically invite the students to turn to their favorite side in fetal position before rising to a seated position. However, yesterday, after fetal position, I felt inspired to instruct them to return to their backs for a little bit of spinal rocking to gently massage the back and spine before sitting up. We rocked from side to side a few times, and then back to front. We were to eventually rock right up to a seated position with legs crossed.

When Tom, a runner, rocked up to his seat on the floor, a startled "Oh my goodness!" type of comment was heard. He was shocked that his legs crossed to the degree that they did. "I haven't been able to cross my legs like this in over 30 years," he exclaimed. He was thrilled, and I was so excited for him. He had made a breakthrough in flexibility in that moment that merited a "high five" -- in that moment.

Avid-runner Tom has admitted to not stretching enough and is now enjoying yoga (compliments of his employer) to help build more flexibility in his body, which he says is not only helping him to sleep better, but is aiding his running and overall mental relaxation, too.

Yoga Straps
After we officially ended class and talked more about Tom's "breakthrough," and he repeated that his legs hadn't folded that way in so long, Ted chimed in: "It's the straps..."

I've begun making leg stretches -- via straps -- a regular part of the classes I teach. Not only is the strap a wonderful tool for helping with leg extension and opening, but it just helps make leg stretches feel really, really good -- to the point of "I can nap here in this position" type of good.

(The leg without the strap should be extended long and on the floor. Once the "strapped" leg is opened out to the side (or crossed over the body), I invite the students to turn their gaze to the hand not holding the strap -- which would be stretched out to the side.) Pictured above: Youth class I taught to the Orange Park Gators at the Fleming Island Library

Gratitude & Relaxation
Each of the adult students I teach at the Allegro have had highly favorable comments about the strap use, and I know I am certainly strapping the memories of Wednesday's class with them in my mind and heart. "It's a good space here," Ted has said on a couple of occasions referring to the room we practice yoga in at The Allegro, a TV room (with no TV on, of course) that we eventually relocated to.

"I was there," are words both Ted and Tom use to describe how deeply relaxed they get in that space. It's just a vibe in there that really helps create a nice yoga setting.

At the end of yesterday's class:
Not only do we bask in Tom's new-found leg flexibility, but Tom sees the difference in Ted's face, stress-wise, from when the class began. After our long after-class chat on many subjects, they both walk away knowing they have a done a great thing for their mind, body, and spirit health. My heart smiles, and I thank God for aligning me with this type of work.
I am honored and blessed to teach in that space to some really good people whom, I'm sure, have a lot to do with making the space there as special as it feels!

I am grateful for the blessing to meet with them each week.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bottling Yoga Clothes

I just read my friend Jennifer's post about a Kmart Design stylist outfitting her for a big Blogher event she'll be attending. That got me to thinking about the kind of clothes I like to wear most: Yoga clothes, hands down!!! There is a level of comfort I feel, a feeling of nurturing I get from such clothing -- as if those clothes have a brain that knows and connects with the "inner me" -- especially when wearing my favorite black, comfy yoga pants! :-)

Well, that's my tidbit on clothes! :-)

In Feeling Good in what we Wear,


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Totally Bottling Blendtec's Total Blender

Monday, July 13, 2009Oh my goodness, I'm so excited about Blendtec's Total Blender. During a time when most folks would still be asleep, I was awake and giving my husband a brief demo of this phenomenal machine. This blender has me once again marveling at the power of the human brain.......that has brought the Total Blender into being.

Although my husband has been quite curious about this fine piece of equipment -- but needing to get out the door precisely at the time I was preparing to do an early-morning demo for him, he said, "Penny, I really don't have time for show-n-tell right now." However, unable to contain myself, I excitedly proceeded: "This will ONLY take 24 seconds. Watch how it blends the smoothie in 24 seconds! And, look! It shows you the 24-second countdown right here on its screen" (the section of the blender that was easily seen because of its blue light).

To support the all-Green-Smoothie day my husband wants to have today, I got a head start making the beverages for him last night, via the Total Blender, but then early, early this morning, I ended up combining two of the smoothies in a large cup he could carry out the door with him. To do that, I decided to re-blend. Or, was I just looking for another excuse to blend again with Blendtec's Total Blender?

Blendtec® is not only in the business of making outstanding blenders, but the company really cares about community, too, thus, partnered with to help support our grassroots efforts to share health, such as the Green Smoothie (and more).

Although I've had this high-powered machine for a few weeks, I have been waiting to get closer to a BottlingHealth community event before really delving into it. So, in preparation for a Stretch & Smoothie Clinic Bottling Health will do tomorrow with the Orange Park Gators, it was time to put this machine to the test. The smoothies for my husband became the tool to test it, and I tell you, the Total Blender has already passed with FLYING COLORS.......and I haven't even finished exploring it.

I've only tried the smoothie button so far. I simply turned on the power button, pressed the "Smoothie" button, and a mere 24 seconds the Spinach/Banana (with a little strawberry and pineapple) smoothie was so creamy, and then the machine turned off on its own. Sweet! :-)

I'm now off to try the "Whole Juice" feature, which automatically runs for 50 seconds. Eventually, I'll get to each other button (including the "Pulse" button) that awaits me:

~ Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt

~ Ice Crush, Milk Shake

~ Soups, Syrups, Fondues

~ Sauces, Dips, Dressings, Batters

Another fun feature of the Total Blender is that it shows (on the blue screen) how many times you've blended ingredients.! :-)

Stay tuned for much more about Blendtec's Total Blender. I'm not done with writing about this amazing machine just yet, because Bottling Health is TOTALLY "bottling" this blender and absolutely loving it.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bottling Father's Day: A Message to my Husband

As always, I was thinking of my WONDERFUL daddy today who moved on 13 years ago to an all-spirit being. It was the day before Father's Day that year when he made that transition. I feel "rich" because of having him as a father. Others say they feel "rich" because they had him as a friend! He truly was an incredible human being! I am GRATEFUL to be his daughter! I love him DEEPLY! xoxoxoxox

After thinking about my dad......and coming upon this old article on, these words poured out to my husband today.

We LOVE you and pray that your role as a father will forever be blessed. May Caleb be inspired by all things positive that you have to offer him, and may he someday stand on your "shoulders" in the most Godly of ways.....when it is his turn to serve as a father!

May you see your fatherhood role as a ministry -- appointed by God -- and blessed with an abundance of love, peace and joy...always!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your love for us, time with us, energy to us, smiles at us, and laughs with us.

May our love for you be felt ever so deeply today and always!

With All Our Love,

Penny & Caleb

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Bottling Stretching & Smoothies with B-Ball Youth

In June, I did a "Stretch Clinic" with youth in my community who are members of the Orange Park Gators basketball league. The time with the boys went so well, and I'm looking forward to our next session this month. Peaceful Yoga Studio, Yoga Ananda Studio, M Body Yoga and lululemon athletica donated equipment (mats, blocks and straps) for the event. To them, I send love and gratitude!!! Thank you, Bonnie (and Mary) at Peaceful Yoga, Melissa at Yoga Ananda, Mark and Siddie at M Body, and Lisa at lululemon.

After the first session, to the parents of the youth I worked with, I wrote:

Thank you for the opportunity to work with your child on Wednesday evening at the Orange Park Gators' Stretching Clinic. I thoroughly enjoyed working with your sons and appreciated how receptive they were to learning about the benefits of stretching complemented by breathing more deeply. As I mentioned to another parent, it was a nice vibe amongst us, so it made for a lovely evening. They made me laugh with their giggles and other sounds they made when they realized just how tight their shoulders, hips or other bodies parts were! Given that, I think they now better understand the importance and benefits of guided stretching while breathing more deeply into the posture -- but only to their "comfortable edge."

Because we were pressed for time near the end, I didn't get to share more information about the fresh strawberry/banana smoothies I had made for them. I wanted to tell them about the nutrition in this drink that is ideal for the muscles of athletes. It's a nutritious and refreshing beverage to drink in between the games they play at tournaments, etc. Good fuel for them! Just as I talked to the boys about breathing more deeply for healthier bodies, I wanted to explain how we'd get more mileage out of what was in that smoothie versus some other food choices out there. In any event, I heard some good comments about the taste of the smoothie, so I'd say that went over well with them. :-)

Back to the stretching! As you know, the clinic was offered at no cost (and future ones will also be free), but if any of you would like to have your boys stretching on a regular basis in a similar fashion to what we did, I will offer classes to them.

You would be able to sign your child up for:

~ a group class at $10 per child per class (sibling discount available)

~ a 4-week series for a total series cost of $35 per child (a $5 savings; sibling discount available)

~ a 6-week series for a total series cost of $50 per child (a $10 savings; sibling discount available)

~ one-on-one classes (Contact me for rates.)

~ family classes (Contact me for rates.)

The more consistent our young athletes are with a stretching program blended with relaxation, the more flexible they will become. I'd love to assist them along their stretching journey, so please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of further assistance.

Here they are relaxing at the end of class; we also began with this relaxation posture. The flow of the evening was a blend between "effort" and "ease."

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, thoughts or concerns.


Penny Powell

Monday, May 25, 2009

Bottling the Generosity of a Friend

Last Friday, I went to a friend's house to assist her with a computer project she was working on. I entered her home planning to get straight to work, but she said, "No, you have to eat first," as she generously placed a tray on her table, beautifully arranged with a bowl of strawberries, apples and oranges next to a square plate holding a scoop of hummus, a few thin slices of Manna Bread, later followed by a few Go Raw Spirulina cookies. A pot of tea was also on the tray. The camera on my cell phone didn't do the presentation of this lunch justice, but it was the thought and love behind this act of kindness that really mattered -- thus this post!

This meal was compliments of the friend, whom, about year after I had shared many things with her about raw food, really began adopting a raw-vegan lifestyle and then just watched the weight fall off of her. One day, she recently called asking for a raw or close-to-raw bread she could easily to get her hands on to spread a little avocado or hummus on. That's how Manna bread entered her home. Although Manna Bread, baked at a low temperature, is the bread suggested as a transition bread for those new to eating mostly raw food, I still enjoy a few slices every now and then. I smear a little avocado over a slice or two, top it with sprouts and tomato, and enjoy! ;-)

According to, Manna Bread is "said to be a recipe of the Essenes who lived by the Dead Sea around the beginning of the Christian era."

Thank you for your warm hospitality, Cynthia! Continued Blessings to you! ;-) As I mentioned, you definitely have a Bed & Breakfast business in the making! ;-) The food, outside view, fresh breeze blowing through the window, sincere hospitality, etc., were all just delightful. Thank you so very much!



Bottling the Ocean

Wow, it has been several weeks since I last blogged. I know it's best when blogs are consistently updated, but during those times I attempt to reduce my computer time, my blog suffers. But, my mission to advocate good health still continues, as I've received wonderful related opportunities in my community (away from the computer). ;-)

Recently, after teaching a class for a firm in Jacksonville, I strolled Jax Beach when the class was over, and this picture is what I captured with the camera on my cell phone at about 8:15 or so at night. My walk was so wonderfully therapeutic. I also managed to capture a little video footage which I will continue to try to add to this entry.

Beach Hugs,


Friday, May 1, 2009

Bottling Changes and New Plans

Happy May 1.

In my last post, I mentioned doing a freshly-squeezed orange juice and water journey for two weeks. As mentioned, my initial plan was to begin today, but on the day I wrote that post, there were still three days left before May 1 arrived, so I thought...why wait?

Turns out, on April 28, I wasn't as prepared as I needed to be to successfully begin the journey. I did well on water for most of the day...waiting too long to shop for the oranges I needed. Plus, I really wanted to try this journey with a citrus juicer, and still needed to get that, too. So, April 28 didn't go quite as planned. The lesson of the day -- "Be well-prepared before starting out with a journey of this kind."

April 29 -- Still didn't have what I needed, but like the day before, I just consumed water up until a certain point. Then, much earlier in the day, I set off to get my organic oranges and citrus juicer. I found great deals on both. I returned home and got right to work prepping for my juicing session. I juiced and then went outside in the sun to drink my glass of freshly made orange juice. Delicious. A few hours later, I sliced and ate (not juiced) two more of these JUICY oranges. (My son has been enjoying them as much as I have.) I did really well with my water and orange juice plan until later in the evening...when I just wanted to chew something. I then decided these days leading up to May 1 were simply "getting me in the mindset" days, so to speak.

April 30 -- By this day, I had figured out that while I wanted to add more oranges into my days, I didn't want to exclusively drink orange juice for the next 14 days -- especially after seeing some wonderful avocados and mangoes when I was out shopping for oranges. I realized I wanted to embrace all of the raw goodness -- although these oranges I have are mighty good.

"God said, 'See, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree with seed in its fruit; you shall have them for food.' " ~ Genesis 1:29
Yesterday, I contacted a friend of mine and invited her to buddy up for the May 1 journey of all-raw with no flexibility at least for two weeks. She was very open to the idea on such short notice. In fact, she had just come from the grocery store, stocking up on some wonderful fruits and veggies, so she was already prepared without knowing the plan during her time of shopping.

She has a networking event coming up in a couple of which time I have some exciting projects coming up, too. I want us to be our best selves for those events, so I think that eating soley what I refer to as "God's foods" over these next few weeks will help us be just that...

...And what a great day to kick-off this "fast" of sorts. May 1.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bottling Oranges

I was planning to wait until May 1 to start a freshly-squeezed Orange Juice and Water-Only journey, but there are still three days left before the start of the month, so that's three days sooner that my system can get more alkaline prior to the start of a new month. Although we tend to think of oranges making the body more acidic, they actually help make the body more alkaline

Follow along for the next two weeks for insight into my OJ and water diet and to learn about my inspiration behind it. And, if you don't already know, you'll be AMAZED by the VARIED nutrients in an orange.

On another note, as I type this I hear my son slurping the last drop of his banana/strawberry smoothie....a sound he makes with his straw and mason jar that is music to my ears. ;-)

Here's to Bottling Health!

Do you plan on bottling any new health before or during May?

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bottling Balance

I just watched this video over at and wanted to share. If you're trying to find your balance, be sure to watch this for balanced insight. "Making quiet time," tops the list. (Precisely the way we start yoga classes to center the mind, body, and spirit!) ;-)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bottling Beauty

"This world is nothing more than
Beauty's chance to show Herself.
And what are we? --
Nothing more than Beauty's chance to see Herself.
For if Beauty were not seeking Herself
we would not exist..."
~ Ghalib (From Two Suns Rising)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Bottling the April issue of Pear Magazine

In today's The Daily Raw Inspiration newsletter, Jinjee Talifero had this to say about the latest issue of Pear Magazine, the online magazine I edit.....

It's here!

In the April 2009 Pear Magazine Online, we intend to uplift you through music, poetry, and video, as well as articles like "Recession Buster: Ask For Money and It is Given - The Secret to Getting Money" and "Recession Proof Your Health through Planting a Garden". These should inspire you to put your own positive spin on recession matters. In "Nature's Candy - A Gift to The Children of the World!" you'll learn of the generous gift a university class gave to improve children's health everywhere. This is also a wonderful story about the way our lives and our businesses can organically grow through the joys of spiritual social networking! Jinjee also shares a personal account of how music has helped break some not-so-good eating habits. Sonja Watt writes about Detoxifying The Body and Getting Fit With Sleep! Sonja also shares a comprehensive list of useful tips for Dealing With Non-Raw Friends and Family who 'attack' your raw-food position. In this issue you'll learn how to harvest nettles and grow sprouts to support your journey to optimum health. Penny will guide you through Mountain Pose or Tadasana for becoming strong, grounded, and centered. Meet some amazingly flexible boys, learn 40 Reasons Yoga Heals, and get 40 tips for making your life work better!

A Spring Gift! - In this month's Pear Magazine you'll also get a free link to our 7 Days Raw Program that starts this coming Monday! Join us for 7 delicious and energizing days including support from the 7 Days Raw Forum!

Sign up for Pear Magazine now at: and watch what grows!

In Joy!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bottling Yoga as Medicine and/or Prevention

Yoga As Medicine -- The Yogic Prescription for Health and Healing by Timothy McCall, M.D., lists 40 ways that yoga heals:

"1. Increases Flexibility
2. Strengthens Muscles
3. Improves Balance
4. Improves Immune Function
5. Improves Posture
6. Improves Lung Function
7. Leads to Slower and Deeper Breathing
8. Discourages Mouth Breathing
9. Increases Oxygenation of Tissues
10. Improves Joint Health
11. Nourishes Intervertebral Disks
12. Improves Return of Venous Blood
13. Increases Circulation of Lymph
14. Improves Function of the Feet
15. Improves Proprioception
16. Increases Control of Bodily Functions
17. Strengthens Bones
18. Conditions the Cardiovascular System
19. Promotes Weight Loss
20. Relaxes the Nervous System
21. Improves the Function of the Nervous System
22. Improves Brain Function
23. Activates
the Left Prefrontal Cortex
24. Changes Neurotransmitter Levels
25. Lowers Levels of the Stress Hormone Cortisol
26. Lowers Blood Sugar
27. Lowers Blood Pressure
28. Improves Levels of Cholesterol and Triglycerides
29. Thins the Blood
30. Improves Bowel Function
31. Releases Unconscious Muscular Gripping
32. Uses Imagery to Effect Change in the Body
33. Relieves Pain
34. Lowers Need for Medication
35. Fosters Healing Relationships
36. Improves Psychological Health
37. Leads to Healthier Habits
38. Fosters Spiritual Growth
39. Elicits the Placebo Effect
40. Encourages Involvement in Your Own Healing"

Contact Penny at if interested in yoga classes for children, adults, or parent-and-child classes.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bottling My Mom and My New Yoga Book

Whew, I've just had a moment -- a moment of joyful tears and a feeling of overwhelming love for my mom while leaving a message on her voicemail. I was thanking her for the surprise I found awaiting me today in my mailbox. How exciting! The inscription read -- "To my Darling Daughter -- Penny. Hope you find this useful. Much Love, Mom"

If I could bottle my mom and share her ongoing love, thoughtfulness, and kindness with every person without a loving mom, I would do just that. Her name really should be in the dictionary next to these above-mentioned words.

What was even more touching about getting my new yoga book today was that JUST this morning I sent this e-mail to my mom in Bermuda......and then the book from her showed up just a little later! Forever the supporter she is!

I wrote....

Hi Mom,

Some things never change, huh! LOL Back then I called it gymnastics -- today it has evolved to yoga! ;-) Remember you used to say you would see me upside down more than anything else!!! LOL Well, thanks soooooo much for nurturing my childhood passion for gymnastics, because I'm convinced this is why I can still (at 43 years young) do and love things like this (below) today -- a huge mind, body, spirit adult health tool for me. ;-) I will never ever forget the gymnastics mat you handmade for me and the vault box and springboard that Daddy made that adorned our backyard. LOVE YOU, BOTH!!!!

Attached are a few more pics (coming on that my neighbor Michele took and sent to me! She has been wanting to take some yoga pics of me for a while now, so here are a few of them!

Happy Easter..............I'll title the above "Bending over backwards for/with Christ!";-)



Bottling God's Light and Love

"Honor the highest thing in the Universe; it is the power on which all things depend; it is the light by which all of life is guided...

"Honor the highest within yourself; for it too is the power on which all things depend, and the light by which all life is guided." ~ Marcus Aurelius

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bottling Spring Break

My son is on his Spring Break from school this week, and I really treasure this time that offers a break from traditional school routine. My heart is happy to allow him to, as I put it, "get his full rest in" (not having to wake him until his body is fully ready to do so) -- combined with plain ole' downtime incorporating a blend of some chores to letting him do his own thing around here to enjoying creative "athletic" silliness between us, and more. The change of pace feels wonderful, and I am just embracing this week with open arms.

Yesterday morning, to a friend I wrote: "It's Spring Break for my son this week, so I think I'm just going to spend the morning with him before he gets together with some friends later on today. So, I just wanted to say hello and tell you that I'll most likely see you in Wednesday's Pilates class if you are there."

She replied: "Enjoy your time with your son---most mothers I hear from dread the break--it's so nice to hear you are relishing it with him. :) Have a wonderful day full of all good things."

One of the good things Caleb and I shared yesterday was what I called our "10 at 10"! At about 10:00 a.m., for about 10 minutes, we did a powerful reading and discussion of a page from the journal of Marcus Aurelius, the last of the great Roman emperors. We got our hands on some of Aurelius' writings via Two Suns Rising by Jonathan Star, the text used for the yoga teacher training class I'm doing. About The Meditations, the journal Aurelius kept during the last phase of his life on earth, Two Suns Risings explains, "His writing is filled with such intimacy and sincerity that we no longer feel in the company of a Roman emperor but of an old and reliable friend."

One example of Aurelius' writing is below....what was shared with Caleb during our yesterday's 10 at 10!
"There is one type of person who, whenever he does a kind deed, will not hesitate to ask for some reward. Another type of person, though not so bold, will keep track of everything he has done for you, feeling deep down that you are in his debt. Then there are those who give without any remembrance of what they have done. They are like the vine that has brought forth a cluster of grapes, and having once borne its delicious fruit, seeks nothing more. As the horse that runs its race, the hound that tracks its game, and the bee that hives its honey, so should a man be when he has done an act of kindness -- not seeking reward, not proclaiming his virtues, but passing on to the next act, as the vine passes on to bear another cluster of summer grapes.

Life is the way you see it."

Ahhh, more Aurelius for us today! ;-) Come back later for the picture to complement the above and then tomorrow to find out what we read today!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

"Handbook 2009"

Happy April -- This "Handbook" just turned up in my inbox from a dear friend of mine. I have no idea who the source of this content is, but it's too good not to share!

Enjoy and Apply...


1. Drink plenty of water.
2. Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar.
3. Eat more foods that grow on trees and plants and eat less food that is manufactured in plants.
4. Live with the 3 E's -- Energy, Enthusiasm and Empathy.
5. Make time to pray.
6. Play more games.
7. Read more books than you did in 2008.
8. Sit in silence for at least 10 minutes each day.
9. Sleep for 7 hours.
10. Take a 10-30 minutes walk daily. And while you walk, smile.


11. Don't compare your life to others'. You have no idea what their journey is all about.
12. Don't have negative thoughts or things you cannot control. Instead invest your energy in the positive present moment.
13. Don't over do. Keep your limits.
14. Don't take yourself so seriously. No one else does.
15. Don't waste your precious energy on gossip.
16. Dream more while you are awake.
17. Envy is a waste of time. You already have all you need.
18. Forget issues of the past. Don't remind your partner with His/her mistakes of the past. That will ruin your present happiness.
19. Life is too short to waste time hating anyone. Don't hate others.
20. Make peace with your past so it won't spoil the present.
21. No one is in charge of your happiness except you.
22. Realize that life is a school and you are here to learn. Problems are simply part of the curriculum that appear and fade away like algebra class but the lessons you learn will last a lifetime.
23. Smile and laugh more.
24. You don't have to win every argument. Agree to disagree.


25. Call your family often.
26. Each day give something good to others.
27. Forgive everyone for everything.
28. Spend time w/ people over the age of 70 & under the age of 6
29. Try to make at least three people smile each day.
30. What other people think of you is none of your business.
31. Your job won't take care of you when you are sick. Your friends will. Stay in touch.


32. Do the right thing!
33. Get rid of anything that isn't useful, beautiful or joyful.
34. GOD heals everything.
35. However good or bad a situation is, it will change.
36. No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up.
37. The best is yet to come.
38. When you awake alive in the morning, thank GOD for it.
39. Your Inner most is always happy. So, be happy.

Last but not the least:

40. Please Forward this to everyone you care about

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bottling "One Love" in the Hymnal

"The Anglican church in Jamaica will include the lyrics of songs rendered by two of the country's most famed reggae artists - Bob Marley and Peter Tosh - in the next publication of its church hymnal due by the end of the year." Read more here.

"We move our bodies to the songs because we are beings of spirit." ~ Rev. Canon Ernle Gordon, Rector of the Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Jamaica

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bottling Reggae

I grew up on reggae music in Bermuda, so I'm a huge fan of some good reggae rhythms and conscious lyrics. As I type I'm listening to some dub that has me dancing in a seated position as I visualize an all-reggae yoga class I'll one day teach. ;-)

The above collage is one that Jinjee Talifero created for the October 2008 issue of Pear Magazine. What an honor it was for me to be "photographed" with Bob Marley that way. ;-) And the picture below shows my husband and I being married in 1992 by Abuna Yeshaq, the Ethiopian Orthodox archbishop who baptized Bob Marley and performed his burial service -- then, in 1996, Abuna Yeshaq performed my father's burial service after baptizing my son that same day.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Bottling this Archived Post

Photo by Spangles44,

Last night, I was going through my "archived blog" -- Flowing With Nature -- and came upon a post from Saturday, August 12, 2006 which was fun to read again, so I've decided to share it here. I called it Dream Interpretation. I wrote:
Tonight, when I picked my son up from his friend Christian's house, my friend and Christian's mother, Charo, mentioned that she and the children (her three, my one and her daughters' friend) had just wrapped up a dance contest to old-school music. They had traveled around the inside of her house dancing in a line, and the winner would be the one who outlasted everyone. Turns out, my always-full-of-energy Caleb won. Charo joked, "Well, I said, 'he's like his Momma. This would go on all night.'" My friends think I have mega energy. I guess they're right -- sometimes.

The children were telling me about different dances they had come up with during their "Soul Train" time. Then, Caleb requested I bust out a move. Feeling put on the spot, I responded: "Well, you all had an opportunity to warm up. I just got here." (Any excuse to take the spotlight off of me, I guess.)

Charo interjected that I'd probably turn some Yoga move into a dance step. We laughed, but she was right. Her comment suddenly reminded me about a dream I had last night.

In that dream, I did a full handstand and then with my arms still holding the rest of my body up, I lowered my legs to a 90-degree angle. In that position in my dream, my 10-year-old son grabbed on to my feet or ankles, and I lifted my legs and his entire body back up to my original handstand position. Using the bottom of my feet as support, he was doing his own handstand in this dream. Then, some way, some how, he did a flip (I think) and connected back to my feet that were held high in the air.

Next, both of us positioned our bodies to our version of a Half Moon yoga pose. In this case, I guess it would have been a Handstand Half Moon pose. That would mean that I removed one of my supporting hands from the floor while doing the handstand and fully extended it out to my side. Plus, I would have put space between my legs. In the dream, my son adjusted his body to imitate our Half Moom position while still using my feet as support for one arm this time.

Prior to ending the dream, we then returned to our original handstand position (Caleb's hands on top of my feet). Quite controllably, I proceeded to lower him and my legs back down to the floor and then resumed my individual handstand position.

Instantly, Charo said: "That signified your motherhood strength." She was just talking off the top of her head, but since she's such a deep-thinking, intuitive person, I couldn't help but wonder if she might have been accurately interpreting that handstand-with-my-son dream. She was convincing. Hmmh!

Until that point, I had simply viewed my dream as a result of my love of yoga and gymnastics. I figured my son was involved in that activity because of his athletic/kinesthetic nature, and because of the way he loves to challenge himself.

Who knows.....maybe Charo has a future in dream interpretation.

Anyone else out there interpret dreams -- for free? :-)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Bottling Saturday's Sun/Son

It's 10:00 a.m. Saturday morning, and I've just stepped indoors from my backyard, spending some time lounging out in in the sun after returning home from a 7:30 a.m. yoga class. I took my bowl of Strawberry Crunch outdoors to enjoy, and then I settled in for some extra Vitamin D by way of the sun. I could feel my body being nourished as the sun's rays gently beamed down on me. There's a warmth that I get from the sun that just makes me feel so good inside.

When I returned indoors and my son hugged me in an arm lock type of way (boys!), he exclaimed, "You're warm!" "I've been lying out in the sun for almost an hour," I reminded him and started talking about how comforting the sun can be.......

.......Then it was as if something clicked for me.......

"Hmmh, why do you think that Jesus is referred to as God's son?" I sort of just instinctively said to my boy. "Just as the sun comforts, nurtures and restores the outer body, that's what the inside One is doing for us," I stated.

I recently heard someone refer to Jesus as a "verb" not a "noun." In fact, here's the quote by Rudy Jones from his article, Is Christ A Person?
"When most Christians mentally relate to the word Christ, they associate the word Christ as being the first or last name of Jesus, and are relating to Christ as a noun, or a proper name. So it is difficult to introduce a new paradigm, a new understanding of what the word Christ actually means. The word “CHRIST” IS A VERB. Christ is what you express “of God.”

Christ is not separated from you. Christ is the Light or Life energy in the cells of a Christian, electrifying every nerve and every muscle, bringing every thought into captivity. Christ is the Truth of what makes you who you are..........The Fact is: Every Day -- Everything I AM is what Jesus was. And Everything He was is Today what I AM. That is Biblical Truth. His Anointing permeates every fiber and tissue of your body, but is Life to you only by faith based on scriptural fact. Your faith is accepting your Truth."

The word Christ, #5547 in Strong’s Concordant Dictionary, is the Greek word "Christos," which means "Anointed," and is from #5548: "Chrio"; “through the idea of contact; to smear or rub with oil [the act of] from #5530: “Chraomai” (note the possible connection to chromosome.) “Chraomai”; “a primary root, a VERB; to furnish what is needed.”
When I am in the outdoor's sun, it's as if it becomes the "oil" (from "Chrio" above) that is being smeared or rubbed on my body "to furnish what is needed."

Basking in the Sun and Son,

***Photo Credit -- honey77,***

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bottling Intuition and a New Agave Report

To think I was using Agave Nectar to sweeten my raw chocolate pudding!

Okay, my health intuition must be set on a nice, clear
"channel" right now, because....... Well, let me explain:

(1) I've had flax seed in my house for a while, and apart from putting a handful in a smoothie I made for my son a few weeks ago, the seeds have just been here, sitting. I would think to use them every now and then, but wouldn't. What was up with that if they're so healthy? Intuitively, something must have been going on.

So, Mila (a fabulous source of Omega-3's) ends up coming into my life in such a divine way, at which time some hard and unknown-to-me facts about flax came with it -- information about folks experiencing some thyroid issues from the consumption of too much flax. And how a part of the flax seed doesn't fully digest. Now, by no means am I an expert on this information (so please don't consider me so), but I know someone who has my attention about this matter (next to Mila Expert Dr. Coates, that is), so I've asked this person to write a related article for and Pear Magazine. Stay tuned for that!

When Mila came to me along with the flax facts I had not been aware of, I connected with the reason why I probably had been, for the most part, staying away from the flax in my home. It had to have been my intuition at work. Now, I realize that some/many may disagree with this no-to-flax theory, and that's fine. But, as with everything else in my life, I simply move as I feel led. For me right now, that's moving with Mila and not Flax.

(2) Just as I had been avoiding my home supply of flax, well, when I recently ran out of Agave (which I typically prefer to Honey), I gravitated to a raw Honey when it was time to replace the "raw" Agave I typically get. I just figured I had a taste for something different at the time. So, these past few days, I've been using Honey to sweeten some Yogi Tea I recently purchased, as well as adding a squirt of it to my son's smoothies. Then, yesterday and this morning, Honey has complemented my Strawberry Crunch so well. As I ate that tasty food, I tried to visualize the Agave in place of the Honey, but somehow could taste that, Honey, not Agave, was what was supposed to help the sunflower seeds stick to the strawberries and give this dish an added kick.

Then, just moments ago, around the time of posting my Strawberry Crunch (with Honey) recipe, an e-mail from my friend Angela Elliott arrived, announcing her new web site. Her "Agave Nectar" link spoke to me, so I clicked on it....surprised to see the words, Just say no to Agave! Now I can't help but wonder if this is why I, intuitively, have NOT wanted Agave lately. Hmmh?

Yikes! But I've Recommended Agave to Family and Friends

I then had to take a deep breath, because my friend Shannon recently purchased Agave upon my recommendation, and other family and friends have done the same. I quickly pulled out my copy of Angela's "Alive in 5" book and was reminded that "Agave" is one of the ingredients listed in the book's "Raw Food Pantry" section. "Hmmh, until now, Angela (and many others) must have been misled like me," I figured. I'm sure that if and when Angela does a reprint of her book, readers won't see "Agave" recommended for their pantry the next time around.

Fortunately, I've done a blend of yoga and pilates for 11 consecutive days, so I know that's helping to keep my emotions balanced at the moment about this issue. There's a part of me that could easily freak out in my head, knowing that I've turned folks on to Agave.....and, now, this new information doesn't hold this sweetener in a good light. But, I inhale and exhale and am reminded that we live and learn.....and just as Mila has replaced Flax for my family, Raw Honey will continue to replace Agave at this time!

You know, now that I think about it, I don't think Jinjee and Storm (my mentors and friends) have ever been major Agave supporters. I should have listened to them in the first place. They know their stuff, they do! My intuition is confirming that, too! ;-)

Be Well.

P.S. Picture above of the Raw Chocolate Pudding made during my time at the Living Foods Institute last summer.

Bottling Strawberry Crunch

I made this yesterday for lunch, and because it tasted so good, I made it again for this morning's breakfast.

Includes: Cut-up strawberries with honey drizzled over them and raw sunflower seeds sprinkled on top. (The honey helps the seeds to stick to the strawberries, which provides a wonderful texture when chewing.)