Thursday, December 13, 2012

Making Time for Quiet

 Graphic from LittleBirdieBlessings

My family knows, firsthand, how much I enjoy reading to others! This is one of the reasons that my husband has said, for many years, that I should have been a school teacher! :-) My friend, Teeshalavone, is probably the one who would let me read to her all day long if I so desired. :-) I especially find great JOY in reading Scripture verses (or any related/supporting content) aloud to anyone who will listen. :-)

So, to have had the opportunity to do that to "open ears" last night (and last week) WHILE sharing some calming yoga tools at an Advent 'slowing down/calming' event at Grace Episcopal Church was a blissful, blissful blessing to me!! :-) I got a little teary when I read to a room of many adults, some supporting text to Matthew 14:23 found in "Streams in the Desert."
"...Strength is found not in busyness and noise but in quietness... Our Lord loved the people who flocked to him, but there are numerous accounts in the Scriptures of His going away from them for a brief period of time..."
"The one thing that we need today more than anything else is to spend time alone with our Lord, sitting at His feet in the sacred privacy of His blessed presence. Oh, how we need to reclaim the lost art of meditation! Oh, how we need 'the secret place' (Ps. 91:1 KJV) as part of our lifestyle! Oh, how we need the power that comes from waiting upon God!"