Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bottling Private Yoga Classes and A Twist on Holiday Shopping

After teaching yoga class this morning at Life's Journey Yoga & Wellness, I was "hugged," as usual, by the serenity of the studio. I got to thinking about my interest in wanting to schedule more private yoga classes (in addition to the group classes I enjoy teaching); I just love those special yoga-connections between teacher and student.

As I moved about the retail and office sections of the studio with my warming thoughts about one-on-one classes, this book -- The Heart of Yoga: Developing a Personal Practice
-- caught my eye from a basket it was resting in. I flipped it open and landed on page xxvii of the Introduction. Then, this quote immediately captured my attention and served as a sign for me to grow more private yoga classes:

"...In yoga, the purpose is to bring some change, and the teacher is the reference point. You always remember what the teacher told you -- not what you read in the book or what he spoke in the class, but what he told YOU. You need the teacher, you need the intimacy. Yoga is intimate. There is no yoga between one and a million; yoga is between two -- the teacher and the student.......'In education the first requirement is the teacher, the second is the student. What should happen between them is learning. How it should happen is through the constant teaching of that which will be relevant to the student. That is education...'"

Later, back at home, while writing about this experience, I came across an old picture of Michelle, a Life's Journey yoga student and friend whom I've taught several private classes to! Michelle is pictured relaxing in Split pose (left) and Wide-Legged Forward Bend (below) during one of our one-on-one classes at the previous Life's Journey location. Hmmh, I'm thinking that stumbling upon Michelle's private-class pics on today of all days was yet another sign for me to get some more private classes going!

A Private or Semi-Private Yoga Class can make a great BIRTHDAY and/or HOLIDAY GIFT. Gift certificates are available at Life's Journey! Or, I can even come to you!!!

P.S. Prior to leaving the studio today, I picked up a copy of the November 2010 issue of natural awakenings magazine. It's "SIMPLE LIVING" theme and related article title -- "LESS STUFF More Happiness: How to Regain Your Authentic Self" -- caught my eye, as well as "TWISTS ON TRADITION: Three Festive Meatless Entrées." By the way, do check out The Vegan Muse for more "meatless" ideas.

Why not put a "twist on tradition" this year with a combination of some meatless dishes and reducing "stuff" shopping with "authentic-self/happiness" shopping, an amazing shopping experience that could very well be awaiting you on your yoga mat, privately or in a group class!

Happy Shopping! :-)