Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bottling "One Love" in the Hymnal

"The Anglican church in Jamaica will include the lyrics of songs rendered by two of the country's most famed reggae artists - Bob Marley and Peter Tosh - in the next publication of its church hymnal due by the end of the year." Read more here.

"We move our bodies to the songs because we are beings of spirit." ~ Rev. Canon Ernle Gordon, Rector of the Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Jamaica

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bottling Reggae

I grew up on reggae music in Bermuda, so I'm a huge fan of some good reggae rhythms and conscious lyrics. As I type I'm listening to some dub that has me dancing in a seated position as I visualize an all-reggae yoga class I'll one day teach. ;-)

The above collage is one that Jinjee Talifero created for the October 2008 issue of Pear Magazine. What an honor it was for me to be "photographed" with Bob Marley that way. ;-) And the picture below shows my husband and I being married in 1992 by Abuna Yeshaq, the Ethiopian Orthodox archbishop who baptized Bob Marley and performed his burial service -- then, in 1996, Abuna Yeshaq performed my father's burial service after baptizing my son that same day.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Bottling this Archived Post

Photo by Spangles44,

Last night, I was going through my "archived blog" -- Flowing With Nature -- and came upon a post from Saturday, August 12, 2006 which was fun to read again, so I've decided to share it here. I called it Dream Interpretation. I wrote:
Tonight, when I picked my son up from his friend Christian's house, my friend and Christian's mother, Charo, mentioned that she and the children (her three, my one and her daughters' friend) had just wrapped up a dance contest to old-school music. They had traveled around the inside of her house dancing in a line, and the winner would be the one who outlasted everyone. Turns out, my always-full-of-energy Caleb won. Charo joked, "Well, I said, 'he's like his Momma. This would go on all night.'" My friends think I have mega energy. I guess they're right -- sometimes.

The children were telling me about different dances they had come up with during their "Soul Train" time. Then, Caleb requested I bust out a move. Feeling put on the spot, I responded: "Well, you all had an opportunity to warm up. I just got here." (Any excuse to take the spotlight off of me, I guess.)

Charo interjected that I'd probably turn some Yoga move into a dance step. We laughed, but she was right. Her comment suddenly reminded me about a dream I had last night.

In that dream, I did a full handstand and then with my arms still holding the rest of my body up, I lowered my legs to a 90-degree angle. In that position in my dream, my 10-year-old son grabbed on to my feet or ankles, and I lifted my legs and his entire body back up to my original handstand position. Using the bottom of my feet as support, he was doing his own handstand in this dream. Then, some way, some how, he did a flip (I think) and connected back to my feet that were held high in the air.

Next, both of us positioned our bodies to our version of a Half Moon yoga pose. In this case, I guess it would have been a Handstand Half Moon pose. That would mean that I removed one of my supporting hands from the floor while doing the handstand and fully extended it out to my side. Plus, I would have put space between my legs. In the dream, my son adjusted his body to imitate our Half Moom position while still using my feet as support for one arm this time.

Prior to ending the dream, we then returned to our original handstand position (Caleb's hands on top of my feet). Quite controllably, I proceeded to lower him and my legs back down to the floor and then resumed my individual handstand position.

Instantly, Charo said: "That signified your motherhood strength." She was just talking off the top of her head, but since she's such a deep-thinking, intuitive person, I couldn't help but wonder if she might have been accurately interpreting that handstand-with-my-son dream. She was convincing. Hmmh!

Until that point, I had simply viewed my dream as a result of my love of yoga and gymnastics. I figured my son was involved in that activity because of his athletic/kinesthetic nature, and because of the way he loves to challenge himself.

Who knows.....maybe Charo has a future in dream interpretation.

Anyone else out there interpret dreams -- for free? :-)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Bottling Saturday's Sun/Son

It's 10:00 a.m. Saturday morning, and I've just stepped indoors from my backyard, spending some time lounging out in in the sun after returning home from a 7:30 a.m. yoga class. I took my bowl of Strawberry Crunch outdoors to enjoy, and then I settled in for some extra Vitamin D by way of the sun. I could feel my body being nourished as the sun's rays gently beamed down on me. There's a warmth that I get from the sun that just makes me feel so good inside.

When I returned indoors and my son hugged me in an arm lock type of way (boys!), he exclaimed, "You're warm!" "I've been lying out in the sun for almost an hour," I reminded him and started talking about how comforting the sun can be.......

.......Then it was as if something clicked for me.......

"Hmmh, why do you think that Jesus is referred to as God's son?" I sort of just instinctively said to my boy. "Just as the sun comforts, nurtures and restores the outer body, that's what the inside One is doing for us," I stated.

I recently heard someone refer to Jesus as a "verb" not a "noun." In fact, here's the quote by Rudy Jones from his article, Is Christ A Person?
"When most Christians mentally relate to the word Christ, they associate the word Christ as being the first or last name of Jesus, and are relating to Christ as a noun, or a proper name. So it is difficult to introduce a new paradigm, a new understanding of what the word Christ actually means. The word “CHRIST” IS A VERB. Christ is what you express “of God.”

Christ is not separated from you. Christ is the Light or Life energy in the cells of a Christian, electrifying every nerve and every muscle, bringing every thought into captivity. Christ is the Truth of what makes you who you are..........The Fact is: Every Day -- Everything I AM is what Jesus was. And Everything He was is Today what I AM. That is Biblical Truth. His Anointing permeates every fiber and tissue of your body, but is Life to you only by faith based on scriptural fact. Your faith is accepting your Truth."

The word Christ, #5547 in Strong’s Concordant Dictionary, is the Greek word "Christos," which means "Anointed," and is from #5548: "Chrio"; “through the idea of contact; to smear or rub with oil [the act of] from #5530: “Chraomai” (note the possible connection to chromosome.) “Chraomai”; “a primary root, a VERB; to furnish what is needed.”
When I am in the outdoor's sun, it's as if it becomes the "oil" (from "Chrio" above) that is being smeared or rubbed on my body "to furnish what is needed."

Basking in the Sun and Son,

***Photo Credit -- honey77,***

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bottling Intuition and a New Agave Report

To think I was using Agave Nectar to sweeten my raw chocolate pudding!

Okay, my health intuition must be set on a nice, clear
"channel" right now, because....... Well, let me explain:

(1) I've had flax seed in my house for a while, and apart from putting a handful in a smoothie I made for my son a few weeks ago, the seeds have just been here, sitting. I would think to use them every now and then, but wouldn't. What was up with that if they're so healthy? Intuitively, something must have been going on.

So, Mila (a fabulous source of Omega-3's) ends up coming into my life in such a divine way, at which time some hard and unknown-to-me facts about flax came with it -- information about folks experiencing some thyroid issues from the consumption of too much flax. And how a part of the flax seed doesn't fully digest. Now, by no means am I an expert on this information (so please don't consider me so), but I know someone who has my attention about this matter (next to Mila Expert Dr. Coates, that is), so I've asked this person to write a related article for and Pear Magazine. Stay tuned for that!

When Mila came to me along with the flax facts I had not been aware of, I connected with the reason why I probably had been, for the most part, staying away from the flax in my home. It had to have been my intuition at work. Now, I realize that some/many may disagree with this no-to-flax theory, and that's fine. But, as with everything else in my life, I simply move as I feel led. For me right now, that's moving with Mila and not Flax.

(2) Just as I had been avoiding my home supply of flax, well, when I recently ran out of Agave (which I typically prefer to Honey), I gravitated to a raw Honey when it was time to replace the "raw" Agave I typically get. I just figured I had a taste for something different at the time. So, these past few days, I've been using Honey to sweeten some Yogi Tea I recently purchased, as well as adding a squirt of it to my son's smoothies. Then, yesterday and this morning, Honey has complemented my Strawberry Crunch so well. As I ate that tasty food, I tried to visualize the Agave in place of the Honey, but somehow could taste that, Honey, not Agave, was what was supposed to help the sunflower seeds stick to the strawberries and give this dish an added kick.

Then, just moments ago, around the time of posting my Strawberry Crunch (with Honey) recipe, an e-mail from my friend Angela Elliott arrived, announcing her new web site. Her "Agave Nectar" link spoke to me, so I clicked on it....surprised to see the words, Just say no to Agave! Now I can't help but wonder if this is why I, intuitively, have NOT wanted Agave lately. Hmmh?

Yikes! But I've Recommended Agave to Family and Friends

I then had to take a deep breath, because my friend Shannon recently purchased Agave upon my recommendation, and other family and friends have done the same. I quickly pulled out my copy of Angela's "Alive in 5" book and was reminded that "Agave" is one of the ingredients listed in the book's "Raw Food Pantry" section. "Hmmh, until now, Angela (and many others) must have been misled like me," I figured. I'm sure that if and when Angela does a reprint of her book, readers won't see "Agave" recommended for their pantry the next time around.

Fortunately, I've done a blend of yoga and pilates for 11 consecutive days, so I know that's helping to keep my emotions balanced at the moment about this issue. There's a part of me that could easily freak out in my head, knowing that I've turned folks on to Agave.....and, now, this new information doesn't hold this sweetener in a good light. But, I inhale and exhale and am reminded that we live and learn.....and just as Mila has replaced Flax for my family, Raw Honey will continue to replace Agave at this time!

You know, now that I think about it, I don't think Jinjee and Storm (my mentors and friends) have ever been major Agave supporters. I should have listened to them in the first place. They know their stuff, they do! My intuition is confirming that, too! ;-)

Be Well.

P.S. Picture above of the Raw Chocolate Pudding made during my time at the Living Foods Institute last summer.

Bottling Strawberry Crunch

I made this yesterday for lunch, and because it tasted so good, I made it again for this morning's breakfast.

Includes: Cut-up strawberries with honey drizzled over them and raw sunflower seeds sprinkled on top. (The honey helps the seeds to stick to the strawberries, which provides a wonderful texture when chewing.)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Bottling a Fresh Juice Breakfast

From this:
To that:

For Today's Breakfast!

Ingredients: kale, parsley (a little), beet, lemon, apple, Mila (that little scoop on the side in the top picture)

I juiced the ingredients in the order above (I stirred the Mila in with the juice). I always juice apples last because the force of the juice extracted from them helps push through more of the juice from the greens, etc.

Bottling Rudy Jones' "5-Minute Health Seminar"

Raw-vegan foods, including Mila, help clean up our cells as Rudy Jones beautifully explains below. Today, I am beginning a 40-day 'frequency' clean-up through increasing my intake of pure water, fresh juices, leafy greens, etc. -- through nature's finest of ingredients. If you need help getting your cells cleaned up, Shannon Leone has a great resource here to help you.

Rudy Jones writes:

"The 70% water/plasma makeup of our physical body plays the same role within our bodies as the air plays in the atmosphere around our body. The trillions of cells, which make up the human body, are designed to live in balanced health according to the frequencies in the colors of the rainbow. The brain of each cell is outside the cell, in the watery membrane which surrounds each cell. Interestingly the membrane around the cell (the brain of the cell), has saucer shaped ‘antennas’ (very similar to the ‘saucers’ on the roof tops of many houses) searching for signals (Frequencies) in the flowing waters of the ‘blood’ (light) and in the lymph fluids until they pick up the correct frequency needed. Then “the watchers on the wall” open the door into the cell. If the frequency is organic and natural, the nutrients and the oxygen create life
energy within the cell. If the cell ‘food’ is man made, it is toxic to the cell because men use enticing fragrance and colorings, and ‘patented’ harmful preservatives. All manufactured products are harmful to the cell (which is God made) and have side effects.

Harmful man made ingredients ‘ground’ the electron in the cell; creating a ‘free radical’ cell. A free radical is parasitic, caused by the loss of the charged ion. Every atom seeks balance. An out of balance cell seeks to borrow ‘oil’ from one of the ‘virgins’. Your body is a biological river of vibrating frequencies, continually moving and feeding and changing the cellular atmosphere in your body. (What we think does effect matter.) When we are bitter, unforgiving, covetous, vengeful, etc., those thought frequencies are contrary to the designed program of the cell and The Creator’s nature." Continued here!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bottling Caleb's Favorite Smoothie once again!

I often make a smoothie for my son to hand to him as soon as he gets in the car when I pick him up from school. At that time of day, he's typically ready for something to eat, so the smoothie is a tasty, healthy alternative and a nice distraction from something not as healthy at that time.

One day this week, after making Caleb's smoothie and heading out to pick him up, it occurred to me that I should have also made one for Tyler, a friend of Caleb's who has been interested in trying a smoothie. However, I wasn't sure if I would see Tyler when I picked Caleb up, so I kind of let the thought go. But, of course, as soon as I pulled up for Caleb to hop in the car, who should be standing right next to him? So, I quickly pulled the mason jar out of the cooler bag and said, "Caleb, I made this for you, but if you want to give this one to Tyler, I can make another one for you as soon as we get home." Caleb was happy to share with his buddy, and so we did.

"Shake it before you drink it," I called out to Tyler as I was driving away.

By the time we arrived home, Caleb noticed Tyler had called. When Caleb returned the call, Tyler told him that he enjoyed the smoothie. "That's the one I drink the most," I heard Caleb say.

"I drank the whole thing," Tyler said to me when I spoke to him. He had let his parents sample it, too; they said they really enjoyed it as well. I told Tyler that not only did the smoothie have bananas and strawberries in it, but Mila, too. "You got a whole lot of nutrition in that drink," I said.

The recipe:

~ 2 bananas

"Of the soft fruits, bananas are second only to strawberries when it comes to overall mineral content," says Jay Kordich in "The Juiceman's Power of Juicing," The high potassium in bananas benefits the heart and muscular system, he says.

~ 5 strawberries (with stems)

Wonderful source of "vitamin C and natural sugars that cleanse the system," Kordich explains. They are also "high in potassium and iron, which is good for strengthening the blood. The sodium content makes them a valuable tonic for nerves and for keeping glands healthy...What I value most in strawberries," Kordich continues, "is the presence of elagic acid, which reduces and often neutralizes the damaging effects of the carcinogen PAH found in cigarette smoke." So Kordich says that if you should happen to find yourself exposed to secondhand smoke, to pop a few strawberries in your mouth to help dissolve the PAH.

~ 1 scoop of Mila

3,000 Omega-3's and 5 grams of fiber per serving as well as an ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) of 844 per serving.

~ A little water

~ Ice

~ Honey, to taste

Monday, March 2, 2009

And The Winner Is... is excited to announce the winner of our first Mila contest. Although we didn't have many people participate in our debut contest, we applaud Tracy, Nelly, Shelly and Tee for taking a chance at winning a bag of nutritious Mila. We'll keep you posted about other Mila contests we may offer in the future. In the meantime, if anyone would like to order a bag to sample, you can do so here -- where you can also get the scoop about Mila.

Now on to the drum roll.......And the Winner is...

TW Pouncy

Congratulations, Tracy!!! Please contact us at to claim your prize. We look forward to hearing from you.

Bottling Grapefruit/Apple Juice

My friend, Charo, gave me some yummy grapefruits yesterday from which I just finished sipping on a grapefruit/apple juice I made in my juicer. The recipe:

~ 1 large grapefruit, cut and peeled

Grapefruits are a great source of vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, and potassium.

~ 4 apples

Apples are also a source of potassium and phosphorus (which helps flush the kidneys), as well as a wonderful source of pectin (which helps remove toxins from the intestines).

Juice grapefruit and then apples! Stir and Enjoy!

Well, now having provided this refreshing information above, I feel I must share this info below.......the words of Jay Kordich, author of The Juiceman's Power of Juicing.

"I try to eat only organic apples. Often as many as eleven chemicals are used by apple growers who then wax the fruit to preserve it further. If I have to eat a waxed apple, I always peel it. Some growers use a chemical spray called Daminozide which penetrates the fruit and cannot be gotten rid of by any amount of washing. Another dangerous chemical is Alar, which may be carcinogenic but is being used in lesser amounts or eliminated altogether since the well-publicized outcry a few years ago.

"When you buy organic apples, check them for worms. The won't harm you but you probably don't want one going through the juicer. The government allows commercial canners to use a certain percentage of wormy apples in every batch of juice they make. This is only one reason I do not recommend bottled or canned apple juice. The canneries also use old, disfigured, rotten fruit. Why should they care? They filter the juice and then boil it so that the consumer never actually knows what goes into the juice. It is also difficult to know how much juice is in a can of apple juice. Regulations controlling what is printed on labels are becoming stricter but are still not enforced, according to the Center for Science in the Public Interest. That watchdog organization did a survey a few years ago on more than a dozen commercial juices and discovered that in many, the amount of juice was only about 10 percent. The rest was sugar and water.

"If you must buy apple juice, never buy it if you can see through it. This means it is pasteurized, or cooked, and then filtered so that all the helpful enzymes are removed. Buy, instead, cloudy-looking juice with sediment on the bottom, which indicates the juice is unfiltered and so probably contains more nutrients."