Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bottling Caleb's Favorite Smoothie once again!

I often make a smoothie for my son to hand to him as soon as he gets in the car when I pick him up from school. At that time of day, he's typically ready for something to eat, so the smoothie is a tasty, healthy alternative and a nice distraction from something not as healthy at that time.

One day this week, after making Caleb's smoothie and heading out to pick him up, it occurred to me that I should have also made one for Tyler, a friend of Caleb's who has been interested in trying a smoothie. However, I wasn't sure if I would see Tyler when I picked Caleb up, so I kind of let the thought go. But, of course, as soon as I pulled up for Caleb to hop in the car, who should be standing right next to him? So, I quickly pulled the mason jar out of the cooler bag and said, "Caleb, I made this for you, but if you want to give this one to Tyler, I can make another one for you as soon as we get home." Caleb was happy to share with his buddy, and so we did.

"Shake it before you drink it," I called out to Tyler as I was driving away.

By the time we arrived home, Caleb noticed Tyler had called. When Caleb returned the call, Tyler told him that he enjoyed the smoothie. "That's the one I drink the most," I heard Caleb say.

"I drank the whole thing," Tyler said to me when I spoke to him. He had let his parents sample it, too; they said they really enjoyed it as well. I told Tyler that not only did the smoothie have bananas and strawberries in it, but Mila, too. "You got a whole lot of nutrition in that drink," I said.

The recipe:

~ 2 bananas

"Of the soft fruits, bananas are second only to strawberries when it comes to overall mineral content," says Jay Kordich in "The Juiceman's Power of Juicing," The high potassium in bananas benefits the heart and muscular system, he says.

~ 5 strawberries (with stems)

Wonderful source of "vitamin C and natural sugars that cleanse the system," Kordich explains. They are also "high in potassium and iron, which is good for strengthening the blood. The sodium content makes them a valuable tonic for nerves and for keeping glands healthy...What I value most in strawberries," Kordich continues, "is the presence of elagic acid, which reduces and often neutralizes the damaging effects of the carcinogen PAH found in cigarette smoke." So Kordich says that if you should happen to find yourself exposed to secondhand smoke, to pop a few strawberries in your mouth to help dissolve the PAH.

~ 1 scoop of Mila

3,000 Omega-3's and 5 grams of fiber per serving as well as an ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) of 844 per serving.

~ A little water

~ Ice

~ Honey, to taste

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