Monday, March 9, 2009

Bottling Saturday's Sun/Son

It's 10:00 a.m. Saturday morning, and I've just stepped indoors from my backyard, spending some time lounging out in in the sun after returning home from a 7:30 a.m. yoga class. I took my bowl of Strawberry Crunch outdoors to enjoy, and then I settled in for some extra Vitamin D by way of the sun. I could feel my body being nourished as the sun's rays gently beamed down on me. There's a warmth that I get from the sun that just makes me feel so good inside.

When I returned indoors and my son hugged me in an arm lock type of way (boys!), he exclaimed, "You're warm!" "I've been lying out in the sun for almost an hour," I reminded him and started talking about how comforting the sun can be.......

.......Then it was as if something clicked for me.......

"Hmmh, why do you think that Jesus is referred to as God's son?" I sort of just instinctively said to my boy. "Just as the sun comforts, nurtures and restores the outer body, that's what the inside One is doing for us," I stated.

I recently heard someone refer to Jesus as a "verb" not a "noun." In fact, here's the quote by Rudy Jones from his article, Is Christ A Person?
"When most Christians mentally relate to the word Christ, they associate the word Christ as being the first or last name of Jesus, and are relating to Christ as a noun, or a proper name. So it is difficult to introduce a new paradigm, a new understanding of what the word Christ actually means. The word “CHRIST” IS A VERB. Christ is what you express “of God.”

Christ is not separated from you. Christ is the Light or Life energy in the cells of a Christian, electrifying every nerve and every muscle, bringing every thought into captivity. Christ is the Truth of what makes you who you are..........The Fact is: Every Day -- Everything I AM is what Jesus was. And Everything He was is Today what I AM. That is Biblical Truth. His Anointing permeates every fiber and tissue of your body, but is Life to you only by faith based on scriptural fact. Your faith is accepting your Truth."

The word Christ, #5547 in Strong’s Concordant Dictionary, is the Greek word "Christos," which means "Anointed," and is from #5548: "Chrio"; “through the idea of contact; to smear or rub with oil [the act of] from #5530: “Chraomai” (note the possible connection to chromosome.) “Chraomai”; “a primary root, a VERB; to furnish what is needed.”
When I am in the outdoor's sun, it's as if it becomes the "oil" (from "Chrio" above) that is being smeared or rubbed on my body "to furnish what is needed."

Basking in the Sun and Son,

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