Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bottling Intuition and a New Agave Report

To think I was using Agave Nectar to sweeten my raw chocolate pudding!

Okay, my health intuition must be set on a nice, clear
"channel" right now, because....... Well, let me explain:

(1) I've had flax seed in my house for a while, and apart from putting a handful in a smoothie I made for my son a few weeks ago, the seeds have just been here, sitting. I would think to use them every now and then, but wouldn't. What was up with that if they're so healthy? Intuitively, something must have been going on.

So, Mila (a fabulous source of Omega-3's) ends up coming into my life in such a divine way, at which time some hard and unknown-to-me facts about flax came with it -- information about folks experiencing some thyroid issues from the consumption of too much flax. And how a part of the flax seed doesn't fully digest. Now, by no means am I an expert on this information (so please don't consider me so), but I know someone who has my attention about this matter (next to Mila Expert Dr. Coates, that is), so I've asked this person to write a related article for and Pear Magazine. Stay tuned for that!

When Mila came to me along with the flax facts I had not been aware of, I connected with the reason why I probably had been, for the most part, staying away from the flax in my home. It had to have been my intuition at work. Now, I realize that some/many may disagree with this no-to-flax theory, and that's fine. But, as with everything else in my life, I simply move as I feel led. For me right now, that's moving with Mila and not Flax.

(2) Just as I had been avoiding my home supply of flax, well, when I recently ran out of Agave (which I typically prefer to Honey), I gravitated to a raw Honey when it was time to replace the "raw" Agave I typically get. I just figured I had a taste for something different at the time. So, these past few days, I've been using Honey to sweeten some Yogi Tea I recently purchased, as well as adding a squirt of it to my son's smoothies. Then, yesterday and this morning, Honey has complemented my Strawberry Crunch so well. As I ate that tasty food, I tried to visualize the Agave in place of the Honey, but somehow could taste that, Honey, not Agave, was what was supposed to help the sunflower seeds stick to the strawberries and give this dish an added kick.

Then, just moments ago, around the time of posting my Strawberry Crunch (with Honey) recipe, an e-mail from my friend Angela Elliott arrived, announcing her new web site. Her "Agave Nectar" link spoke to me, so I clicked on it....surprised to see the words, Just say no to Agave! Now I can't help but wonder if this is why I, intuitively, have NOT wanted Agave lately. Hmmh?

Yikes! But I've Recommended Agave to Family and Friends

I then had to take a deep breath, because my friend Shannon recently purchased Agave upon my recommendation, and other family and friends have done the same. I quickly pulled out my copy of Angela's "Alive in 5" book and was reminded that "Agave" is one of the ingredients listed in the book's "Raw Food Pantry" section. "Hmmh, until now, Angela (and many others) must have been misled like me," I figured. I'm sure that if and when Angela does a reprint of her book, readers won't see "Agave" recommended for their pantry the next time around.

Fortunately, I've done a blend of yoga and pilates for 11 consecutive days, so I know that's helping to keep my emotions balanced at the moment about this issue. There's a part of me that could easily freak out in my head, knowing that I've turned folks on to Agave.....and, now, this new information doesn't hold this sweetener in a good light. But, I inhale and exhale and am reminded that we live and learn.....and just as Mila has replaced Flax for my family, Raw Honey will continue to replace Agave at this time!

You know, now that I think about it, I don't think Jinjee and Storm (my mentors and friends) have ever been major Agave supporters. I should have listened to them in the first place. They know their stuff, they do! My intuition is confirming that, too! ;-)

Be Well.

P.S. Picture above of the Raw Chocolate Pudding made during my time at the Living Foods Institute last summer.

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  1. Pamela Anne Schwarz, LMT/NMTMay 26, 2009 at 5:50 AM

    It is such a breath of fresh air to see that you are flexible, Penny, in your efforts to share healthful eating. Sometimes we find that something we thought was fine to eat may not be such a good idea or even contrary to health. Flax is one of these items. We see it becoming more "mainstream" in multi-grain breads, crackers, and cookies. What we should do is educate people that flax, from the beginning of time was never intended to be eaten. It was mentioned 89 times in the Bible but never as a food. It is used commercially for things like linoleum. I was not surprised to learns that even after 40 years of effort, flax has never received GRAS status (Generally Regarded As Safe). I, like you, had never jumped onto flax, thankfully; and love Mila for my highest and safest source of Omega 3's. Blessings.

    Pamela :o)