Friday, March 13, 2009

Bottling this Archived Post

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Last night, I was going through my "archived blog" -- Flowing With Nature -- and came upon a post from Saturday, August 12, 2006 which was fun to read again, so I've decided to share it here. I called it Dream Interpretation. I wrote:
Tonight, when I picked my son up from his friend Christian's house, my friend and Christian's mother, Charo, mentioned that she and the children (her three, my one and her daughters' friend) had just wrapped up a dance contest to old-school music. They had traveled around the inside of her house dancing in a line, and the winner would be the one who outlasted everyone. Turns out, my always-full-of-energy Caleb won. Charo joked, "Well, I said, 'he's like his Momma. This would go on all night.'" My friends think I have mega energy. I guess they're right -- sometimes.

The children were telling me about different dances they had come up with during their "Soul Train" time. Then, Caleb requested I bust out a move. Feeling put on the spot, I responded: "Well, you all had an opportunity to warm up. I just got here." (Any excuse to take the spotlight off of me, I guess.)

Charo interjected that I'd probably turn some Yoga move into a dance step. We laughed, but she was right. Her comment suddenly reminded me about a dream I had last night.

In that dream, I did a full handstand and then with my arms still holding the rest of my body up, I lowered my legs to a 90-degree angle. In that position in my dream, my 10-year-old son grabbed on to my feet or ankles, and I lifted my legs and his entire body back up to my original handstand position. Using the bottom of my feet as support, he was doing his own handstand in this dream. Then, some way, some how, he did a flip (I think) and connected back to my feet that were held high in the air.

Next, both of us positioned our bodies to our version of a Half Moon yoga pose. In this case, I guess it would have been a Handstand Half Moon pose. That would mean that I removed one of my supporting hands from the floor while doing the handstand and fully extended it out to my side. Plus, I would have put space between my legs. In the dream, my son adjusted his body to imitate our Half Moom position while still using my feet as support for one arm this time.

Prior to ending the dream, we then returned to our original handstand position (Caleb's hands on top of my feet). Quite controllably, I proceeded to lower him and my legs back down to the floor and then resumed my individual handstand position.

Instantly, Charo said: "That signified your motherhood strength." She was just talking off the top of her head, but since she's such a deep-thinking, intuitive person, I couldn't help but wonder if she might have been accurately interpreting that handstand-with-my-son dream. She was convincing. Hmmh!

Until that point, I had simply viewed my dream as a result of my love of yoga and gymnastics. I figured my son was involved in that activity because of his athletic/kinesthetic nature, and because of the way he loves to challenge himself.

Who knows.....maybe Charo has a future in dream interpretation.

Anyone else out there interpret dreams -- for free? :-)

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