Friday, March 6, 2009

Bottling Rudy Jones' "5-Minute Health Seminar"

Raw-vegan foods, including Mila, help clean up our cells as Rudy Jones beautifully explains below. Today, I am beginning a 40-day 'frequency' clean-up through increasing my intake of pure water, fresh juices, leafy greens, etc. -- through nature's finest of ingredients. If you need help getting your cells cleaned up, Shannon Leone has a great resource here to help you.

Rudy Jones writes:

"The 70% water/plasma makeup of our physical body plays the same role within our bodies as the air plays in the atmosphere around our body. The trillions of cells, which make up the human body, are designed to live in balanced health according to the frequencies in the colors of the rainbow. The brain of each cell is outside the cell, in the watery membrane which surrounds each cell. Interestingly the membrane around the cell (the brain of the cell), has saucer shaped ‘antennas’ (very similar to the ‘saucers’ on the roof tops of many houses) searching for signals (Frequencies) in the flowing waters of the ‘blood’ (light) and in the lymph fluids until they pick up the correct frequency needed. Then “the watchers on the wall” open the door into the cell. If the frequency is organic and natural, the nutrients and the oxygen create life
energy within the cell. If the cell ‘food’ is man made, it is toxic to the cell because men use enticing fragrance and colorings, and ‘patented’ harmful preservatives. All manufactured products are harmful to the cell (which is God made) and have side effects.

Harmful man made ingredients ‘ground’ the electron in the cell; creating a ‘free radical’ cell. A free radical is parasitic, caused by the loss of the charged ion. Every atom seeks balance. An out of balance cell seeks to borrow ‘oil’ from one of the ‘virgins’. Your body is a biological river of vibrating frequencies, continually moving and feeding and changing the cellular atmosphere in your body. (What we think does effect matter.) When we are bitter, unforgiving, covetous, vengeful, etc., those thought frequencies are contrary to the designed program of the cell and The Creator’s nature." Continued here!

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