Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bottling My Mom and My New Yoga Book

Whew, I've just had a moment -- a moment of joyful tears and a feeling of overwhelming love for my mom while leaving a message on her voicemail. I was thanking her for the surprise I found awaiting me today in my mailbox. How exciting! The inscription read -- "To my Darling Daughter -- Penny. Hope you find this useful. Much Love, Mom"

If I could bottle my mom and share her ongoing love, thoughtfulness, and kindness with every person without a loving mom, I would do just that. Her name really should be in the dictionary next to these above-mentioned words.

What was even more touching about getting my new yoga book today was that JUST this morning I sent this e-mail to my mom in Bermuda......and then the book from her showed up just a little later! Forever the supporter she is!

I wrote....

Hi Mom,

Some things never change, huh! LOL Back then I called it gymnastics -- today it has evolved to yoga! ;-) Remember you used to say you would see me upside down more than anything else!!! LOL Well, thanks soooooo much for nurturing my childhood passion for gymnastics, because I'm convinced this is why I can still (at 43 years young) do and love things like this (below) today -- a huge mind, body, spirit adult health tool for me. ;-) I will never ever forget the gymnastics mat you handmade for me and the vault box and springboard that Daddy made that adorned our backyard. LOVE YOU, BOTH!!!!

Attached are a few more pics (coming on that my neighbor Michele took and sent to me! She has been wanting to take some yoga pics of me for a while now, so here are a few of them!

Happy Easter..............I'll title the above "Bending over backwards for/with Christ!";-)



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  1. Yes, Yoga bible is good. I recently came across another one "mylife framework - a model for a successful life based on the yoga principles", almost nothing on postures, but amazing simplicity on how to adopt yoga in day to day life.