Friday, April 17, 2009

Bottling the April issue of Pear Magazine

In today's The Daily Raw Inspiration newsletter, Jinjee Talifero had this to say about the latest issue of Pear Magazine, the online magazine I edit.....

It's here!

In the April 2009 Pear Magazine Online, we intend to uplift you through music, poetry, and video, as well as articles like "Recession Buster: Ask For Money and It is Given - The Secret to Getting Money" and "Recession Proof Your Health through Planting a Garden". These should inspire you to put your own positive spin on recession matters. In "Nature's Candy - A Gift to The Children of the World!" you'll learn of the generous gift a university class gave to improve children's health everywhere. This is also a wonderful story about the way our lives and our businesses can organically grow through the joys of spiritual social networking! Jinjee also shares a personal account of how music has helped break some not-so-good eating habits. Sonja Watt writes about Detoxifying The Body and Getting Fit With Sleep! Sonja also shares a comprehensive list of useful tips for Dealing With Non-Raw Friends and Family who 'attack' your raw-food position. In this issue you'll learn how to harvest nettles and grow sprouts to support your journey to optimum health. Penny will guide you through Mountain Pose or Tadasana for becoming strong, grounded, and centered. Meet some amazingly flexible boys, learn 40 Reasons Yoga Heals, and get 40 tips for making your life work better!

A Spring Gift! - In this month's Pear Magazine you'll also get a free link to our 7 Days Raw Program that starts this coming Monday! Join us for 7 delicious and energizing days including support from the 7 Days Raw Forum!

Sign up for Pear Magazine now at: and watch what grows!

In Joy!

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