Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bottling Community Yoga and Living Food Classes at The Goddard School

2280 Village Square Parkway
Fleming Island, FL 32003

Community Classes with Penny Powell begin August 10, 2009

Classes available (but not limited to):

Parent/Child, Home-Schoolers, Young Athletes, Moms-Only,
Let's B-R-E-A-T-H-E and S-T-R-E-T-C-H and

The Goddard School in Fleming Island, Florida, a school where yoga is incorporated into classroom education by the on-staff teachers, has invited me to bring my own community yoga classes to that wonderful learning space.

My line-up of classes to the community, beginning August 10 (the week of The Goddard School's Open House) will include but will not be limited to:

MoM-day/Child-day Yoga -- A Monday Parent/Child Yoga class: Bond and Breathe with your child via a fun yoga class. Help your child create healthy memories that are sure to last a lifetime. Dads are welcome, and parents attend at no additional cost. (This class is inspired by my passion for my role as a mom and the deep purpose parents serve in the lives of children.)

Together Tuesday -- Yoga for Home-Schoolers: Parents, do you know that yoga beautifully complements academic learning? Many yoga postures help balance the left and right side of the brain, not only increasing academic comprehension but also more balanced behavior! *Journaling is a possible activity that can be added to this class. (This class is inspired by that special place in my heart for the home-schooling process, as I am a former home-schooling mom.)

Wednesday Winners -- Yoga for Young Athletes: The deeper-level stretching in yoga highly supports any sport children do and can give them the edge on the court or field. Use yoga to enhance your child's sports journey! Their confidence will carry over to the classroom, too. (This class is inspired by my son's passion for sports and my passion to support him and others in their sporting endeavors.)

Moms-only Thursday -- Yoga for Moms: Perhaps it has been a long, busy week, and now here comes a busy weekend with the family. Why not refresh yourself for 75 minutes to help balance your mind, body, and spirit for the weekend? When Mom is happy, everybody's happy! (This class is inspired by my understanding, finally, that moms really do need to carve out restorative time for themselves to help balance all that they do!)

A, B, C...Come Look For Me! Friday --Yoga for Young Children: In this yoga class inspired by my children's book, A, B, C -- Come Look For Me!, your child will have fun learning or reinforcing their early literacy skills through yoga postures! Story time will always be a part of this class. Yoga & Literacy: a dynamic duo! "A, B, C -- Come Look For Me!" will be available for purchase at these classes. A downloadable version is available here for only $3. (This class is not only inspired by this book, but also by my passion for writing and education...including teaching literacy skills in a fun way.)

Times of classes will be announced soon.

All classes require pre-registration, so please contact to register (with your time preference) or call (904) 962-8398. Class times will be selected based on the needs of the majority!

Current Introductory Rates:
~ $10 per class
~ $35 total for a 4-week series of classes ($5 savings)
~ $50 total for a 6-week series of classes ($10 savings)
Sibling discounts available! Parents attend for free in the Parent/Child class.

Earn Free Classes:
~ Get three people to sign up for a month and receive a FREE month of classes.
~ Get four people to sign up for a month and receive a FREE 6-week package.
~ Get two friends to come onboard for a month of classes and get a half-price deal.

Looking forward to yoga-ing with you, your child and/or you and your child.

Living Food classes (including smoothies, juices, snacks, etc.) will also be available upon request and can be arranged as individual classes and/or combined with yoga classes.

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