Monday, May 25, 2009

Bottling the Generosity of a Friend

Last Friday, I went to a friend's house to assist her with a computer project she was working on. I entered her home planning to get straight to work, but she said, "No, you have to eat first," as she generously placed a tray on her table, beautifully arranged with a bowl of strawberries, apples and oranges next to a square plate holding a scoop of hummus, a few thin slices of Manna Bread, later followed by a few Go Raw Spirulina cookies. A pot of tea was also on the tray. The camera on my cell phone didn't do the presentation of this lunch justice, but it was the thought and love behind this act of kindness that really mattered -- thus this post!

This meal was compliments of the friend, whom, about year after I had shared many things with her about raw food, really began adopting a raw-vegan lifestyle and then just watched the weight fall off of her. One day, she recently called asking for a raw or close-to-raw bread she could easily to get her hands on to spread a little avocado or hummus on. That's how Manna bread entered her home. Although Manna Bread, baked at a low temperature, is the bread suggested as a transition bread for those new to eating mostly raw food, I still enjoy a few slices every now and then. I smear a little avocado over a slice or two, top it with sprouts and tomato, and enjoy! ;-)

According to, Manna Bread is "said to be a recipe of the Essenes who lived by the Dead Sea around the beginning of the Christian era."

Thank you for your warm hospitality, Cynthia! Continued Blessings to you! ;-) As I mentioned, you definitely have a Bed & Breakfast business in the making! ;-) The food, outside view, fresh breeze blowing through the window, sincere hospitality, etc., were all just delightful. Thank you so very much!



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  1. Pamela Anne Schwarz, LMT/NMTMay 26, 2009 at 5:43 AM

    How absolutely lovely this meal looks, prepared with thoughtfulness. Thanks for sharing this, Penny. Blessings.

    Pamela :o)