Friday, May 1, 2009

Bottling Changes and New Plans

Happy May 1.

In my last post, I mentioned doing a freshly-squeezed orange juice and water journey for two weeks. As mentioned, my initial plan was to begin today, but on the day I wrote that post, there were still three days left before May 1 arrived, so I thought...why wait?

Turns out, on April 28, I wasn't as prepared as I needed to be to successfully begin the journey. I did well on water for most of the day...waiting too long to shop for the oranges I needed. Plus, I really wanted to try this journey with a citrus juicer, and still needed to get that, too. So, April 28 didn't go quite as planned. The lesson of the day -- "Be well-prepared before starting out with a journey of this kind."

April 29 -- Still didn't have what I needed, but like the day before, I just consumed water up until a certain point. Then, much earlier in the day, I set off to get my organic oranges and citrus juicer. I found great deals on both. I returned home and got right to work prepping for my juicing session. I juiced and then went outside in the sun to drink my glass of freshly made orange juice. Delicious. A few hours later, I sliced and ate (not juiced) two more of these JUICY oranges. (My son has been enjoying them as much as I have.) I did really well with my water and orange juice plan until later in the evening...when I just wanted to chew something. I then decided these days leading up to May 1 were simply "getting me in the mindset" days, so to speak.

April 30 -- By this day, I had figured out that while I wanted to add more oranges into my days, I didn't want to exclusively drink orange juice for the next 14 days -- especially after seeing some wonderful avocados and mangoes when I was out shopping for oranges. I realized I wanted to embrace all of the raw goodness -- although these oranges I have are mighty good.

"God said, 'See, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree with seed in its fruit; you shall have them for food.' " ~ Genesis 1:29
Yesterday, I contacted a friend of mine and invited her to buddy up for the May 1 journey of all-raw with no flexibility at least for two weeks. She was very open to the idea on such short notice. In fact, she had just come from the grocery store, stocking up on some wonderful fruits and veggies, so she was already prepared without knowing the plan during her time of shopping.

She has a networking event coming up in a couple of which time I have some exciting projects coming up, too. I want us to be our best selves for those events, so I think that eating soley what I refer to as "God's foods" over these next few weeks will help us be just that...

...And what a great day to kick-off this "fast" of sorts. May 1.

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