Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bottling Coconuts

See/listen to my coconut adventure at La Barefoot Studio & Market

Ahhh, indulge in the gift of coconut water while drinking it straight from its own natural cup! No glass needed, so there's nothing to wash apart from your cells with all of the vitamins and minerals found in coconut water. It's the perfect beverage for the sports enthusiast and anyone's health because of how loaded coconut water is with vitamins, minerals, calcium, and more!

Follow me along on my coconut adventure as I pierce one of the coconut's three eyes, insert a straw, drink up, and fall into coconut bliss! Want to "put de lime in the coconut?" I demonstrate that, too. After watching me do that, Rubi Jorgensen, a viewer of this tip clip on La Barefoot Studio & Market wrote: I'm "looking forward to having a coconut with some lime!!! Thanks for the great tips.....Keep them coming. Luv ya!"

Once you've pierced the coconut's eye and added lime or not, it's best to drink the beverage immediately, because when air mixes in with the coconut water, the quality of the water soon begins declining. So, for optimum taste and nutrition, don't let your coconut water sit for too long after you've pierced it. If desiring chilled coconut water, chill first and then pierce, drink up, and enjoy! has an extensive list of the benefits of coconut water.

Cheers to Coconuts!

Stay tuned to more adventures that Bottling Health and La Barefoot Studio & Market will be sharing!

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