Friday, February 13, 2009

Mama Mia -- I'm Bottling Some Mila!

Heartfelt readings to every raw foodist I know personally (or not) and ANY one else who is reading this at this moment. Thanks so much for stopping by! I am totally honored that you took a few moments to be here! I am so grateful for your time!

Well, I have got some news that I am absolutely thrilled to share...(Can you feel my heart beating with excitement? I just took a deep breath to slow it down!) ;-)

Have you heard of Mila? If not, I am sooooooo excited to introduce you to this highest quality all-raw chia seed that has:

"700% MORE OMEGA-3’s than Salmon
500% MORE CALCIUM Than Whole Milk
200% MORE IRON Than Spinach
100% MORE POTASSIUM Than Bananas
1400% MORE MAGNESIUM Than Broccoli
100% MORE FIBER Than Bran Flakes
500% MORE PROTEIN Than Kidney Beans
300% MORE SELENIUM Than Flax Seed
800% MORE PHOSPHORUS Than Whole Milk
MORE FOLATE Than Asparagus

I know that chia is quite popular in the raw-food community and is often added to smoothies and such, but how many are aware that not all chia is created equal?

So, when using a less-than-optimum quality of chia, it's not surprising that we're not getting the level of Omega-3s that we think we're nourishing our bodies with! However, Mila -- also referred to as "The Miracle Seed" and "chia rediscovered" -- is the best of the best, hands down, when it comes to chia.

Thanks to Dr. Wayne Coates and his tireless chia research efforts for about the past 18 years, we have come to learn all of this amazing information about the benefits of Mila. To provide the body with OPTIMUM benefits, Mila is grown "within a band approximately 23 degrees north and south of the equator, that is, from The Tropic of Cancer to The Tropic of Capricorn," Dr. Coates explains in the November 2008 issue of "Your Business At Home" magazine.

Another question that Dr. Coates answers in that interview is: "Besides the amount of Omega-3, how does generic chia seed differ from Mila?" He explains: "Generic chia is generally a lower-quality seed. Where it is produced, how it's produced and how it is cleaned are all aspects that must be considered when judging the chia quality. There are generic chia seeds out there that are quite dirty, which means they contain weed seeds or plant parts, both of which degrade the quality of the overall product."

I tell you, having this optimum quality chia (Mila) in my home seems to be making my kitchen (and me) vibrate at another level. I LOVE Mila!!! And I love that it's great for anyone! It has universal appeal, so to speak, and inspired me to come up with my own slogan for it: -- "Changing Health In America" (and beyond) is what Chia has become to mean to me!

If you are wondering if Mila is truly raw, well, let me let the Mila guru, Dr. Coates, answer that for you. He explains: "Traditional grinding methods heat the seed through friction, which produces oxidation. Oxidation causes oil seed rancidity, decreasing the shelf life of the ground seed. Mila is not exposed to heat and can be kept unopened for years without becoming rancid, since naturally occurring antioxidants in chia make it last longer. The ancient Aztecs knew this and traded in both whole seeds and ground chia," says Dr. Coates.

Mila can be mixed in with just about any food and it doesn't alter the taste because of how virtually tasteless it is! For instance, my husband, who ordinarily quickly detects any addition I've blended into his favorite kale/banana smoothie has not at all picked up on the addition of Mila to his green drinks. He simply sees the pretty bag of Mila sitting on the kitchen counter, but he has no idea that a scoop of the finely sliced chia in the bag is ending up in his daily smoothies. Shhh! Don't tell him. (He'll find out soon enough, though, when he reads this.) ;-)

I quickly decided that I didn't just want to purchase Mila to nourish my family, but I also wanted to very much be hands-on with LifeMax, the company with "vision" that has blessed us with Mila by way of Dr. Coates' research. LifeMax is convinced that the Omega-3s, protein, fiber and the many forms of goodness in Mila will change health, globally.

LifeMax is also interested in helping folks reach financial health and has, therefore, created a very easy-to-operate direct-sales system for Mila distribution. You can create a wonderful home business on the 'shoulders' of LifeMax, and the company will ship the product for you, so you certainly don't have to be worried about that. You'll get your own website with a non-complicated tracking system and so much more! Basically, you'll spread the word about the benefits of Mila and the backend of the "office" will do the rest.)

With all of my heart, I believe in Mila -- and I believe in LifeMax -- and I believe Mila is an optimum whole raw-food product that health educators and such should strongly consider educating themselves and others about while adding it to home kitchens, web sites, retreats, restaurants, stores, etc. Mila needs to be everywhere! Every home needs a bag of Mila. Mama Mia, let's bottle some Mila, folks! ;-)

For more information about sampling a bag of Mila, click here. Then, click on "Order Product Now" at the top right of the page. Or, if like me, you clearly know you want to be a Mila distributor, visit the "Become A Distributor" section which is also located on the top right.

Let's take this next and wonderful step to making this world even healthier -- one bag of Mila at a time! By the way, a bag of Mila is designed to last about a month -- you only need a scoop a day (the scooper is provided in the bag)!

To clarify, you can simply order Mila for your home AND/OR sign up to get it distributed into the home of your readers, customers, family, friends, etc. What a great way to spread health and wealth.

A Big Mila Hug to you!

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  1. Pamela Anne Schwarz, LMT/NMTMay 26, 2009 at 5:52 AM


    You've done an AMAZING job presenting Mila. I look forward to spending more time with you sharing its benefits. Blessings.

    Pamela :o)