Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bottle this Strawberry/Banana/Mila Smoothie

If you have seen the Smoothies/Juices page of, you would have read that my son's favorite smoothie is strawberry/banana. Or, if you read this article, you'll have read the same. I wish I could say my boy is in love with the Green Smoothie like his dad (and his friends, Christian and Dalton), but that's just not Caleb's reality at this time. If I make the Green Smoothie sweet enough, however, yes, Caleb will drink it, but it's simply not at the top of his smoothie choices the way it is for his dad. So, I just try to work with him where he's at...

In any event, when I really "nail" a smoothie (any kind) for Caleb, it certainly warms my Mommy heart. And even though I can't always successfully disguise the greens in smoothies I make for him, I can disguise Mila very well, folks. And, when you learn the amazing nutritional content of Mila, an all-raw whole food, well, that's enough to send any Mommy into Mommy-bliss land after your child consumes it. It has:

"700% MORE OMEGA-3’s than Salmon
500% MORE CALCIUM Than Whole Milk
200% MORE IRON Than Spinach
100% MORE POTASSIUM Than Bananas
1400% MORE MAGNESIUM Than Broccoli
100% MORE FIBER Than Bran Flakes
500% MORE PROTEIN Than Kidney Beans
300% MORE SELENIUM Than Flax Seed
800% MORE PHOSPHORUS Than Whole Milk
MORE FOLATE Than Asparagus

After adding a full 13-gram scoop of tasteless-Mila to Caleb's strawberry/banana smoothie today, he said, "This is the best one I think you've made in a while. My mom's really becoming a raw-vegan chef," he exclaimed as he walked by with the mason jar in hand. Now, it's not that he tasted the Mila, because that has no taste, however, that was his way of saying the strawberry/banana/Mila smoothie was just that good. To really test the quality of the smoothie, I asked, "Should I make one like this for Tyler (his friend from school)?" "YES," he answered with great emphasis. Oh yeah, that was confirmation this was an "on fire" type of good. ;-)

Tyler? Caleb had mentioned that Tyler had visited and, at school, asked him if the smoothies really do taste good because his mom was going to make one for him. Caleb told him that most of them do, but I should have had my husband telling Tyler about the Green Smoothie -- not Caleb. ;-) At work, my husband has turned several folks on to the Green Smoothie. Caleb's more so my strawberry/banana advocate. In any event, since I also want Caleb to have the opportunity to share his favorite smoothies with his friends (instead of always my favorites), we'll start Tyler off with the strawberry/banana one. (It's coming soon, Tyler, and your mom may just win a bag of Mila to add to smoothies she makes for you at home. I see she entered the contest.) ;-)

The recipe I used today for Caleb's Strawberry/Banana/Mila Smoothie:

~ about 5 or 6 strawberries (with stems on; I've got to get the greens in when I can)
~ 2 bananas
~ a little water (not too much --just enough to get the ingredients to mix around)
~ 1 13-gram scoop of Mila
~ a couple handfuls of ice, which then made it need....
~ a good squirt of honey (to taste)

Delicious! I even poured myself some in a fancy glass for myself!


P.S. My friend, Melissa, over at has a Sun-Sational Smoothies recipe e-book special going on until March 15. Check it out!

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