Friday, February 6, 2009

Bottling Raw Food at Shakti Life Kitchen

On Wednesday, I had a meeting at Shakti Life Kitchen and blissfully enjoyed a most delicious raw and living foods lunch while there! With Love and Gratitude for all of the community energy that goes into the food and service there! I LOVED my day with you, Shakti Life staff...

Yes, that's a RAW-VEGAN burger topped with nothing but goodness! YUM...YUM...

Here's an article -- "Raw Deal" -- that Jacksonville's Folio magazine published with great quotes from my dear friend, Yvette Schindler from the Present Moment Cafe in St. Augustine, and my new friend, Valerie Herrmann from Shakti Life Kitchen in Atlantic Beach. At this link, scroll down to the article Raw Deal. I'm sure you'll enjoy every word of it...such a fun spin the writer, Danny Kelly, put on it!


  1. Finally an excellent TRUE vegan restaurant in JAX. The food was DELICIOUS!! Can't wait to go back. The Chocolate Macaroons were fantastic.

  2. Thanks for posting, John. Glad you enjoyed the tasty food at Shakti. Yummy!:-) You've inspired me to try to make a trip out there again soon!:-)