Monday, February 9, 2009

Bottling Mandura & Dancing!

I'm doing the Mandura dance! "Mandura?" you ask! Oh yes, it's a health dance comprised of durian, mangosteen, acai, and blueberry moves -- I mean...juice. Today, we received our next bottle of this fruit-juice supplement that is created from some of the world's most nutrient-rich, yes indeed, I'm doing the Mandura dance! Work it, Penny! :-)

I'm so excited that it was my 13-year-old son, Caleb, who turned me on to this fruit drink after he first tried it at his buddy Beau's house. Caleb was 12 at the time and came home that evening telling me all about this mystery juice that sounded so powerful. Then, when I saw the regal-looking bottle that this preservative-free beverage was stored in, I had a strong feeling Mandura was just as powerful as it sounded.

K.C., Beau's mom, one of the partners of the company that formulates and distributes Mandura, cleverly came up with the Mandura name -- "Man..." for mangosteen - "The Queen of Fruits" and "...dura" for durian - "The King of Fruits." Although "Man..." kicks off the name, durian is actually the first fruit on the ingredient list, but I'm sure you'll agree that Mandura sounds far more jazzy than Duraman. ;-) The folks at Mandura are calling this exotic four-fruit blend, "The Royal Family of Fruits." Because of the company's aseptic bottling process, Mandura is free of preservatives and the company's "state-of-the-art cold-filled technology" allows nutrient retention of the ingredients used to make Mandura.

There are varying opinions in the raw food community about adding supplements to an all-raw diet. However, if my family's diet was as rich as our friends Storm and Jinjee from, well, things might be different. But, as of this season in our lives, my husband and son don't exclusively eat a raw diet, and my all-raw percentage tends to vary, so I believe Mandura is a perfect fit for the Powells right now. While it is my philosophy that organic fruits (and veggies) freshly juiced and consumed within 15 minutes of juicing them are optimum, I am convinced that Mandura can nicely complement my family's health. And folks who are consuming this drink -- simply 1 to 2 ounces, 1 to 2 times per day -- are reaping some great health improvements. (Stay tuned for some testimonies!)

As I grow more deeply in health, love and my relationship with God, I've come to believe that when well-intentioned prayer and love go into a health product, prayer and love actually become the key ingredients, even though they are often not listed on the product. However, since Mandura's headquarters just happens (although I don't believe in coincidences) to be so close to my home, I have been able to spend time there, and I love the heart, energy, intention, and Godliness I see and feel behind this drink. My heart is saying, "Yes to Mandura," and I'm certainly not one to ignore that part of my body. Plus, since the skin, our largest organ, is a sign of the quality of one's internal health, I'd have to say that the shakers and movers that I personally know behind Mandura are definitely "walking" their "talk." They glow!

In fact, on the day of my extensive visit at Solstice International (the Mandura headquarters), I heard the voice of K.C.'s 6-year-old son echoing down the hallway: "I need three cups of Mandura." I assumed he was asking for one cup for himself and the others for his two brothers who were playing basketball. "Three cups?" his mom questioned. "Yes, I just took so many shots (referring to basketball), and I haven't made one yet." he explained. So, he turned to another shot of Mandura to turn his basketball statistics around. Too cute! Priceless!

Mandura is coming soon to, so information about it will definitely be growing and glowing here. If you want to let your children find out, firsthand, why children are raving about this nutritional supplement, I'll put you in contact with just the right folks if you contact me at There's really nothing to lose since you can get a 30-day risk-free trial period; a money-back guarantee.

I don't know about you, but I just can't regularly get my hands on fruits as potent as durian, mangosteen, and acai, so, thankfully, Mandura brings them into my home. And what makes Mandura even sweeter is that my son LOVES it and turned me on to it. Now, folks, that is health music to my mommy ears...

...So, off I go again to do the Mandura dance! Come join me! ;-)

Mandura Smiles,


***Stay tuned for Mandura on the Smoothies/Juices page of this site under a section called "Caleb's Choice!"***

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  1. wwblack8@yahoo.comJuly 19, 2009 at 6:09 PM

    Nice write up about Mandura Penny. Although Mandura sounds like a good juice, it's too bad you didn't find Zrii prior to joining this opportunity. Zrii is endorsed by the Chopra Center and seems like something that your interests are more aligned with, ie yoga and spirituality. By the way, you have great taste is music! Ever been to Reggae Rising (formerly known as Reggae on the River)?
    -Wayne Black

  2. Thanks for your post, Wayne! I appreciate the info you shared. I have vaguely heard of Zrii (love the name and meaning) and will read more about it.

    Please tell me more about Reggae Rising! Hope to from you again!

    Thanks again for stopping by Bottling Health.

    In Health,


  3. typo...."Hope to hear from you again," I should have typed! :-)


  4. Hi Penny, I just randomly came across this post I sent to you over a year ago. I was thinking I would receive an email not thinking to return to this spot to post back. Send me an email and I can tell you more about the reggae festival. I hope you are doing well and enjoying yourself! Happy New Year Penny. Wayne Black