Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bottling Strawberry/Aloe Juice

Today, I picked some Aloe while outside mowing the lawn and then made a lovely Strawberry/Aloe Juice!!! It wasn't sweet but still refreshing! Of course I could have added honey but preferred the red juice in its most natural state!

The plump, juicy strawberries I used were local and farm fresh from The Veggie Bin.

In "The Juiceman's Power of Juicing," Jay Kordich says: "Strawberries are high in potassium and iron, which is good for strengthening the blood. The sodium content makes them a valuable tonic for nerves and for keeping glands healthy, which explains why they are considered 'youth' food."

Strawberries are also know for their wonderful vitamin C content and "natural sugars that cleanse the system," Kordich explains.

What a perfect food for spring cleansing!

Why not sip on some Strawberry Juice?

Strawberry/Aloe Hugs,



  1. Hey Juicy P!!!!!

    That combo sounds divine!!!! I'm smacking my lips!!!! Do u juice the whole aloe leaf? or do u open it up and scrape out the gel? It's so neat that you have the aloe growing there♥. That glass of fresh strawberry juice looks heavenly♥.

    Happy Monday!!!!! Have a great day dear!!

    Big strawberry~aloe hugs,

  2. Well, Hello to you, Juicy C!!! :-)

    Yes, my dear, it is a divine combo and so fitting for the "lightness" of spring!

    I opened up the aloe leaf and removed the gel. And, yes, very cool that the aloe is growing right here. A gift nature sent to me!!! :-) Hmmh, wonder how long the aloe keeps after picking it? I could send you some! :-)

    Happy Monday to you! Hope your day is going well....

    Thanks for reading and posting!

    Lots of Love,


  3. Hi darling!!! Yes indeedy dearie...such a lovely gift from nature♥ & perfect for Spring. Thanks so much for offering to send me some aloe-that's so sweet of you. I'm not sure if it would go bad from FL-to NYC-if it's sealed up in a pckg for several days. I'm gonna see if I can find it @ Whole Foods or another nearby health food store...& if I can't find any- I'd love to have a little piece♥♥♥. I always enjoy reading your blog :)....tonight-I also read your agave & flax & strawberry crunch (looks divine) blogs. we also stopped using agave a while ago--end of 2009/early 2010-b/c of a Mercola newsletter :). We love chia seeds....but we still use flaxseeds/ ground flaxseed meal & flaxseed oil--but not every day. We use flaxseed oil much more than flaxseeds. We like walnuts too-another great omega 3 source. Do you like Navitas organic raw chia seeds?

    I hope you had a great day too!!

    Lots of Love & hugs oxox


  4. Thanks again, Chloe! Yay, not sure of the "travel" time with Aloe! I must research that. :-)

    Yes, since writing the blog entry you mentioned above, I've stopped using Agave, too, thanks to some info that Angela Elliott put out about it. We live and learn! :-)

    Don't think I've tried Navitas chia seeds. Mila has been our chia seed choice. I never used flax a whole lot, so the only time I actually consume it is if it's in a dish someone else makes for me, such as the raw food restaurant, etc.

    Happy that you enjoy reading the BottlingHealth blog! Your loving support, comments and such are very much appreciated.

    Keep shining! :-) xoxo



  5. I have been growing aloe plants for awhile and have been scared to eat it!!!! LOL Maybe I will try this recipe!!!