Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"Slice of Blueberry Heaven"

I made this delicious raw-vegan blueberry pie today. My friend, Chloe, named it. "Shall we call it a 'slice of blueberry heaven'?" she asked me when she saw a picture of it on my Facebook page. So, Chloe, a "slice of blueberry heaven" it is! :-)

Chloe wanted to know what ingredients, in addition to the obvious blueberries, were used to create this 'cake-ish' pie. Let's see if I can get it all straight in my mind, because I was just winging it. :-)
For the crust, in the food processor, I fully processed (until it basically couldn't spin any longer):
~ Soaked raw almonds, approx. 2 cups
~ Medjool Dates, pitted, 6
~ Honey, approx. 1 tablespoon or to taste
~ Cinnamon, a good shake...a few times :-)
~ Nutmeg, a good shake...a few times :-)
~ Sea Salt, a pinch or two
~ Garden of Life's Coconut Oil, approx. 1 - 2 tablespoons

This basically made enough to create a crust for both the bottom and top of the pie. I made two "balls" with the crust (it was like Play-doh), and then I pressed the first one down on the plate to spread the crust.

For the sauce, in blender, I put:
~ blueberries, approx. 1 cup
~ more of the above mixture made in the food processor. But, the second time using the food processor, I used 5 Medjool dates (pitted) and a little less of the other ingredients, as well.
~ water, approx. 1 cup or so to get it to all mix in the blender.
After blending, I ended up with a thick-texture for the sauce, however, it was easy to pour over the whole blueberries I had spread on top of the bottom crust.

Next, I spread the other Play-doh-like crust on another plate (for size). Thankfully, I was able to lift it up off the plate with a spatula and then place it on top of the blueberries and sauce.

I poured more of the sauce on the top crust, smeared it around like icing, spread more blueberries on top, and then put in the the refrigerator to set. Actually, I first put it in the freezer for about 30 mins and then moved it to the fridge.

So, what did I do with the leftover sauce?

Made a smoothie but added ice to make it more smoothie-like!

So, as you can see, I've been to blueberry heaven today! :-)

Blueberry Hugs,



  1. Hey babe!!!!!! I love-love-love it!!!! It looks amazing & sounds so heavenly♥. You put lots of love into it :). I love your blog ;)....each one that I read-I save to my faves, b/c I love them all♥. It was so sweet of you to mention me in your blog ((big hugs + smiles)).

    Love ya lots oxox

  2. Penny,

    I love it too! I am so inspired and can't wait to begin raw "baking". I am a little intimidated however, you make it look and seem so easy. I ready to start. Thanks!

  3. Awww, love you ladies! :-) Thank you! xoxo

    Chloe, so glad you are enjoying the blog entries. I appreciate your support. Keep reading! :- By the way, it was my PLEASURE to mention you in the blog entry! xoxo

    Yoga Girl (and you know I love that name..."Yoga Girl") :-), glad you are inspired. Breathe away that feeling of intimidation... Just consider it play time in the kitchen. And, the cool thing is....any raw-vegan dessert can be revived. If all else fails, throw the ingredients in the blender and make a smoothie! LOL I've done that before. Nothing has to go to waste! How simple to transform, say...a pie to a smoothie! :-)You can alter the taste or state of any raw-vegan dessert, I think. :-)

    Have fun with it!

    Hugs to both of you! Thanks again for reading!

    Have a great day!


  4. Penny,

    Please Fedex a slice of blueberry heaven pie. I will reimburse you for the shipping :-) As soon as I saw the picture, my mouth just watered. It's 11:55 pm (Saturday, Feb 12th) and I just finished doing 40 minutes of Pilates and I wish I had that pie as my night cap. I'm buying my food processor this week so I can have a slice of blueberry heave too. Thanks for the inspiration.


  5. Awww, Tee! You're welcome AND Thank YOU!!!Smiles! Fedex should have delivered your slice by now!!! :-)

    Blueberry Hugs,