Saturday, January 29, 2011

Raw Food Creations from The Veggie Bin Stash

In yesterday's post, I talked about the amazingly tasty orange juice I juiced from The Veggie Bin. Today, I've been creating raw food for a friend who sent her bin home with me on Thursday. It has felt like art fun at my dining room table, and the bin from the Veggie Bin housed my "art supplies". :-)

So far, for this friend, I've created:

"Kohlrabi/Cauliflower Pâtés"...that can be turned into:

"Kohlrabi/Cauliflower Pâtés Boats" or "Stuffed Kale Leaves"
What's needed?

~ Kohlrabi. (I used approx. 3/4 of a whole kohlrabi in my veggie bin. Cut up and then drop chunks into food processor.)

~ Cauliflower, approx. half of a full head. Put chunks in food processor.

~ Parsley, a full handful

~ Green Onion, 1 leaf

~ Medjool Dates, approx. 6 or to taste (Be sure to remove the seed from each.)

~ Coconut Oil, approx. 1 1/2 tablespoons. I use this brand from Garden of Life.

~ Kale, as many leaves as "boats" you care to make

~ Optional ~ Sea Salt, to taste

~ Optional ~ Black Pepper, to taste

In food processor, chop-up kohlrabi and cauliflower. Add, parsley, green onion leaf, coconut oil, Medjool dates, sea salt and black pepper, if desired, and process again in food processor. The mixture will now take on more of a wet consistency that can be a dip, a spread, etc.

Fill your big kale leaves with your pâtés, and enjoy!

Green Smoothie

In blender, put:

~Kale, about 4 - 5 of your kale leaves from your this week's veggie bin. Simply break in half or thirds to get the leaves to fit in your blender container.

~ Parsley, small handful. A little parsley will go a long way.

~ Banana, 3 - 4...depends on the sweetness and smoothie consistency you want. (If you use bananas you've frozen, this can serve as your "ice" if you want a cold smoothie.

~ Lemon Juice..from 1/2 of a lemon

~ Coconut Oil, approx. 1 tablespoon. Again, I use this brand. Delicious!

~ Water, approx. 2 cups

~ Optional ~ Honey, approx. 1 tablespoon. The honey serves to provide a tad more sweetness if you desire it. (I used local honey supplied by The Veggie Bin.)

In blender, add all ingredients above and blend well. You should end up with a very smooth, somewhat thick consistency. Use fewer bananas or more water if you want a thinner consistency.

Cheers to your raw-food art!

Coming next: Kohlrabi/Cauliflower Tabouli


  1. Yummy!!!! Sounds + looks wonderful dear!!!!!
    Save me a big bite!!!

    Chloe :)

  2. Thanks, Chloe! It was a lot of fun to make...and I enjoyed the taste that lingered. Feel full just from sampling! :-)

    Yes, oh yes, will save you a big bite. Well, I'll do you one better...will save you your very own "Stuffed Kale Leaf" with a Green Smoothie. :-)



  3. You're very welcome babe♥ :)

    OMG-I forgot to tell ya to please send me over a big Mason jar full of your yummy gorgeously green smoothie too♥. Those stuffed kale leaf pâté boats look amazing♥. Thanks for saving me some...can't wait to try em :^D

    Chloe :)

  4. Smilin'!!! :-)

    Sent you a big Mason jar of Green Smoothie and stuffed kale boats with Juicy J. LOL Hope he delivered it all to you by now. If not, I guess he put it through his juicer!!! You know him. LOL :-)