Sunday, July 4, 2010

Bottling Cleansing & Detoxing

I've found the perfect topic to reawake my Bottling Health blog with! And since I haven't blogged here in a long while -- be warned, folks...I've got lots to say! :-)

As I wait for Grassroots Natural Market in Fleming Island to open today so that I can go there and purchase a "health gem" that I learned about last night, I'm feeling like the excited child at Christmas. I even awoke at about 5:00 this morning, propped my head up and glanced over at the clock with the hope that it was almost time for Grassroots to open...only to later learn that the one closest to me is actually closed today! :-(

In any event, the "gift" that has my cells jumping for joy is the news I discovered last night in Extraordinary health™ magazine about "the world's first RAW cleansing and detoxification program" created by Garden of Life®. I mean -- I know, I know -- if we eat a 100 percent and largely varied raw-vegan food diet the way my dear friends, Jinjee and Storm do at, the food, alone, could be our overall cleansing and detox program. This couple and their children maintain optimum health with no supplements or supplemental cleansing programs; however, I'm still on my journey to Jinjee and Storm's level of raw eating. But, since I try to eat a high amount of raw food, I would say that for the most part, I stay aligned with cleansing and detoxing on certain levels.

I get many compliments about my skin, so I'd say that my body is doing a pretty good job with its cleansing process. However, I would also say that the last time I DEEPLY detoxed -- I mean, taking-wheat-grass-shots-daily-for-10-days-and-colonics type of deep -- was when I did the 10-Day Healthy Lifestyle program at The Living Foods Institute in Atlanta three years ago. I just haven't detoxed to that degree since then and am sure that I am not covering ALL of the detoxing bases with my food. So, just as I was feeling it's time for a major cleansing and detox experience again, I came upon the information about the Garden of Life's RAW program. Doesn't God ALWAYS deliver right on time?!

And to think I wasn't even going to bring home the literature that had been placed in shopping baskets for customers at Grassroots. After unloading my basket the day I recently shopped there, I had planned on leaving the reading material at the bottom of the basket as to not bring additional paper into my home. (I'm striving to be a minimalist with paper and things.) In any event, at the checkout counter, I suddenly remembered I needed one more food item (God's timing again!), and when I darted to the isle to collect it, Lance, the manager at Grassroots who was tallying up my goods and packing them, put the literature in my shopping bag.

So, last night, of the three magazines that Lance sent home with me, I decided to first peruse Extraordinary health™. Once I began seeing the words "raw" this and "raw" that, well, those who know me well will know that I began delving more deeply into the text. I soon fell "in love" with this resource for various reasons, including finding the Garden of Life's 3-in-1 cleansing and detoxification program well-explained on two full pages. Intuitively, I knew this was to be the 7-day cleansing and detoxing journey I was to do. Now!!! As the saying goes, "Don't put a question mark where God puts a period," so I'm not questioning it but rather....just doing it.

***So, stop by this blog over the course of the next 7 days to find out how the 7-days cleanse is going for me.

Which companies will you support?

I realize that more and more companies are popping up these days with convenient raw food and products. Sounds like a good thing, right? But, so I'm told, even the integrity of some of these companies is questionable (so beware!). However, there was an intuitive feeling I got about the energy and effort that the Garden of Life® is putting into their RAW offerings...AND...I like that they even take the time to produce a magazine loaded with varied insights about their business...AND...I see that a friend of mine, Paul Nison, raw food educator, is part of the Garden of Life® team, so that also helps make me trust this company even more. The editor of Garden Life's Extraordinary health™ magazine, Jordan Rubin, also founder and CEO of Garden Life®, comes across like the friendly neighbor next door. I read his words and trust what he's telling me/us about his company that wants to transition us from average health to EXTRAORDINARY health™.

Now that's the type of health I want. Don't you? And, even through my flaws, I believe I can attain it. And, you can, too!

On that note, a few more hours before the Grassroots in Five Points opens today (about 30 mins from me), and then I'm there, to get this "1-2-3" cleansing program that I'll be kicking off tomorrow with! I love that this program first focuses on oral health via the oral probiotic, S. salivarius, and then organ detox via ingredients such as raw chlorella (a green algae), and then digestion and elimination via ingredients such as "RAW food-chelated magnesium" that allows for naturally moving bulk from the intestines as opposed to forcing it out as some other products do. The "RAW Digestion & Elimination" powder product in this RAW program also provides omega-3 fatty acids and fiber, and some of you will know I've been promoting that via Mila, another all-raw product I love.

"Since many people chose to incorporate cleansing in their lives, you would think there would be a raw cleansing supplement for those embarking on a raw food-cleansing program, "says Rubin in Extraordinary health™. "The fact of the matter, however," he continues, "is that for many nutritional companies, cost and availability of effective raw ingredients is an issue. Sourcing all of the raw ingredients necessary to create a raw cleanse product is undeniably costly and time-consuming. Raw should be the ultimate standard for cleanse ingredients, but it hasn't been that way. That's about to change, thanks to a new breakthrough formula, Garden of Life RAW Cleanse."

Here's to Bottling Cleansing & Detoxing...Here's to Bottling YOUR Health!


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