Friday, January 16, 2009


Thank you for stopping by my very first blog entry here at, the place where I'll be blogging about healthy things I'm bottling in this wondrous journey of life.

So, what am I bottling today (Jan. 12)? Well, my yoga journey/training continues. Yesterday, I kicked off training with Didier Razon from Two Suns Rising Yoga, so today I am continuing to bottle the many lessons and experiences from that remarkable 10-hour day.

However, I had some yin and yang energy going on not long before the course started. It was as if there was this force trying to keep me from attending even though attending this teacher training was all I had been longing to do. To me, so many things had divinely lined up for me to start this journey that's been waiting for me and I for it, yet there was this crazy invisible force trying to stop me from going yesterday morning it seemed. First, there were a few delays at home that got me off to a later-than-planned departure time. Of course, with not a minute to spare to get to class on time...what happened? Close to halfway to the studio, I looked in my rear view mirror only to see flashing blue lights behind me -- for me. SIGH! "No, this can't be happening," I thought. But since I'm choosing to focus on the positive, let me not dwell on that speeding ticket incident and get to what I'm bottling on today's blog (although I am bottling how kind the police officer was).

~ I'm bottling the energy I felt in Didier Razon's presence (my knowledgeable yoga teacher) and the hug he gave me when I arrived at the yoga studio that made me feel so welcomed even though I was frazzled when I entered the door. What an alive spirit Didier is! So full of humor and joy! "Ah, Penny, we'll find a way to pay your speeding ticket," he said with his fun French accent. "Now when I see the police car behind me when I'm speeding," he continued to the group, "I say...'Ahh, look at the pretty Christmas lights behind me.'" LOL (Didier will have us seeing the positive in EVERYTHING by the time this training is over in June.)

~ I'm bottling his wife Ann's telephone encouragement she gave me when I called her from my car to update her about my "blue-light" delay. I sat in my car feeling blue, seriously considering waiting for Didier's next training session (months from now) as not to miss the introduction, but Ann made me see how ridiculous I was being. She was loving with her lesson to me, of course. ;-)
~ I'm bottling the adjustment Didier gave me when we were practicing inversions and I was in Shoulder Stand; he lifted my feet higher and the stretch felt in-cred-i-ble. I know I surely bottled that because I feel as if I'm still in that posture and it has been almost 24 hours since I've been out of it.

~ I'm bottling the Head Stand balance that Didier and my training partners helped me achieve. When I struck that perfect balance, I felt as if I could have hung out on my head for quite a while.

~ I'm bottling doing a series of Sun Salutations to classical music; it made me feel like a graceful ballet dancer. Music choices really do help make a difference in yoga classes.

~ I'm bottling being able to practice yoga with Didier at home, thanks to his DVD (available at

~ I'm bottling getting this heart-touching (to the point of tears) vision of my dad during a soulful chant CD we were listening to and interacting with during class. I've always felt very spiritually connected with my dad since he passed on and, apparently, I'm in a season once again in which I'm feeling his presence really strongly. He and my mom are two blessings I'm forever grateful for! Love them!

~ I'm bottling all of the love from God I felt in class -- so many "hugs" to me, if you know what I mean. You know, just those moments when you know that, "Yes, I am so aligned with God right now." Those moments when you are clear beyond the shadow of a doubt that you are one with God. Totally supported!

~ I am bottling the wonderful spiritual discussions we had in class, including discussions of my beloved Jesus. One of the students even brought a treat to class called a "King Cake" (or something like that)...that has some symbolism to the Three Wise Men. No, it wasn't raw food, but was a very good pastry and almond/chocolate combination that I did try. I could tell that treat was prepared and served in the name of love, and I felt it was a form of respect to try a piece. It carried some symbolism with it that I wanted to be a part of. For lunch, however, I returned to raw foods with a green salad and sunflower seeds.

~ I'm bottling learning how to be active with two suns. The sun that rises everyday outside my window and the sun that rises everyday inside my heart.

Don't forget to let your inner sun shine, too!

I can feel you shining all the way over here! ;-)

Shine on...


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